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substantial number of scholarships (full, partial or to tuition reduction) are allocated each year to master and phd students on the basis of their  and financial need and, in certain cases, academic merit. to this end gisa also funds and supervises a variety of student initiatives, which you may read about here. for the most part, topics will be related to the three main lines of research within the gid research group programme. everything to the registrar's office (or information desk) of the gsss. institute’s primary commitment is to full-time studies and it does not offer part-time education or evening classes, except for the executive education certificates or executive masters. the seminar classes may also benefit from having a mixture of master and phd degree’s candidate., all of our master and phd students have access to the university of geneva’s sports and cultural facilities.. the thesis proposal itself should be attached to this form. for the 2013-2014 academic year, the institute hosted 839 students, 496 in master programmes, 343 in phd programmes and 19 in exchanges programmes. 2012, the graduate institute opened a new student residence "la maison des etudiants edgar et danièle de picciotto". information can be found on our english language requirements page. completing a master’s programme at the institute facilitates access to the phd programme, the decision to admit a student is based on the application file, on the academic results as a whole and on the letters of recommendation. for international affairs and development studies, holders of a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than human and social sciences but with a high-quality academic record may apply for the programme.

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potential supervisors and others in related research areas will be involved in assessing your application and they will be looking at your proposal for evidence that you have an appropriate background for the topic area and for your own ideas about how research on that topic should best be taken forward. title of msc in international development studies is awarded when the student has obtained the full 60 ects credits, based on all required and elective courses in the curriculum, fieldwork, and the final thesis. may submit your application together with proof that you have enrolled to take this test, indicating the date on which you will take it. application form asks you to indicate a proposed topic of study and to submit a research proposal describing your proposed research topic in more detail. students may join our weekly campus tours from september to june and by registering here. you can only graduate if you submit the thesis proposal form. our personalised approach and small classes provide an attractive ratio of students to professors allowing students to receive personal attention and commitment from our faculty members. name: fondation pour l'institut de hautes études internationales et du développement, cp 136, ch-1211 genève 21. 84% of our cosmopolitan community comes from outside switzerland and 62% is female. main requirement to apply for one of our master programmes is a bachelor's degree or a degree deemed equivalent from an accredited university, in one of the core disciplines of the institute (economics, law, history, political science, development) or a related field (communication, anthropology, social sciences etc. gre is only mandatory to enter our programmes of  master and phd in international economics and development economics. second semester is made up of fieldwork and writing the thesis. annual study visit to paris (not included in the programme fee) and usually including visits to unesco, the international institute for educational planning (iiep) and oecd.

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programme welcomes professionals and practitioners from a range of backgrounds in health, education, health promotion, arts and humanities, anthropology, psychology, sociology (and social sciences in general), nursing, medicine, as well as in social development in low- or middle-income countries. information on modules and degree structure is available on the department website:Education, health promotion and international development ma. bologna process established the european higher education area by making academic degree standards and quality assurance standards more comparable and compatible throughout europe. unique master's programme provides students with opportunities to explore and examine the links between three academic and professional fields - education, health promotion and international development. students will spend approximately eight weeks carrying out their fieldwork, usually in a developing country. ma offers students the opportunity to extend and deepen their understanding of concepts, theories and issues related to international development, education and sustainable ways of promoting health, wellbeing and social justice. we strongly recommend applying, but also pursuing other housing options as space in the maison des etudiants is limited. mark, say 'high'or 'low') will not be revealed due to privacy reasons. present your profile and qualities in a focused, thoughtful and meaningful manner. documents that are not in english, french, german, italian or spanish must be accompanied by a certified translation. general, candidates must have obtained either a degree/diploma (“licence” or bachelor’s degree, dea or a degree deemed equivalent) in one of the institute’s key disciplines (law, economics, history, anthropology, sociology, or political science) or in a related discipline (ex: international affairs, public policy, diplomacy, area studies, geography, geopolitics etc). are decided on the basis of the quality of the overall application file, with priority given to academic achievement, recommendations, motivation letter and thesis proposal. however, it is important that your project proposal is in line with the research and teaching agenda of the academic department to which you apply.

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. the main sections of the thesis that you envisage to write and the stages of your investigation: the theoretical investigation (what literature you plan to survey and discuss)the fieldwork: where, and how, i. minimum of a second-class bachelor's degree from a uk university or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard is required, normally in social science, education or nursing - but a range of undergraduate programmes are excepted (including arts and humanities if the applicant can demonstrare an interest in and understanding of health promotion in their personal statement). are awarded for one academic year and may be renewed. you study on the 'modular/flexible' route, you can complete your study over two years (minimum) and up to a maximum of five years (maximum). thus it is possible to apply to the maison des etudiants for housing, but housing is not guaranteed. master’s programme begins once a year in september and runs for 12 months. institute offers a wide range of executive education programmes such as degree programmes, short programmes, joint programmes as well as tailor-made programmes all geared towards mid-career professionals. are advised to request letters from former teachers/professors, but you may also submit one letter from professional sources if you have left university for some time.) student residence permits allow to work 15 hours per week maximum during semester time and 40 hours maximum during the holidays. learn alongside tutors who hold a breadth and depth of expertise in education, health promotion, social research and international development and who have professional experience in national and international contexts. master in international affairs and the master in development studies are open to more diverse student profiles with related professional experience/internships. the proposal should be around 1,000-2,000 words and include an outline of your proposed research topic, the research method, and the source materials you intend to use. master students of the graduate institute, during their 3rd semester, can apply for the phd programme via the fast-track route, which allows them to complete their master and phd programmes in five years altogether.

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do not have a diploma in english and it is too late to sit the test before january 15. information on how to write a thesis can be found in the thesis manual. policymakers, practitioners and members of the public through research-informed practice. for the master’s programmes, a semester is equal to 30 ects credits.-specific information, including details of when ucl representatives are visiting your part of the world, can be obtained from the international students website. the years, our career services has developed close ties with many of the un agencies and other international and non-governmental organisations as well as multinational companies based in geneva and can hence offer our students a wide range of opportunities to gain work experience. there is also an intensive one-week intensive policy and practice seminar will acquaint students with the professional world in development.. the application fee covers the administrative and it costs involved in the whole application process, whether or not an admission offer is eventually made. i go on with a phd after having completed the mia or the mdev (the 2 interdisciplinary masters)? far the most important selection criteria are the applicant’s academic curriculum and his or her academic performance. graduate institute currently offers two summer programmes (international affairs and multilateral governance and wto, international trade and development) and one winter programme (the united nations and global challenges). programme starts with a comprehensive core course that discusses the theoretical foundations of international development studies (ids), topical debates in the field of ids, gives some insight into its applications in policy and practice. as it is not easy to find lodging facilities we advise you to search for accommodation as soon as you receive the confirmation of your admission.

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may apply to the institute during the last year of the degree or diploma necessary to gain admission to the programme you are interested in (“licence” or bachelor’s degree for a master, dea or master for the phd). also the admissions section‘the research proposal is a vital part of the application and will be studied in detail by the academic selectors. on your country of origin, you may need a visa to enter switzerland and/or to stay more than 3 months. master’s degree is awarded after the completion obtention of 90 ects credits for coursework and the successful completion of the master’s dissertation, i. access our disciplinary master programmes, it is important to have a good knowledge in the field of specialisation chosen (especially for the programmes in economics and law). the discipline in which mia or mdev students received their ba is an important criterion for admission to the phd as well as their ma dissertation. the results should be submitted to the admissions office no later than may 30th. range of optional modules from across ucl institute of education (ioe) master's-level offering are available, including:Education, conflict and fragility. for further information, please check the different curricula available on the website. projectthe following points should be developed in the proposal:your main thesis or research question: explain in one paragraph what you will be exploring and what you will try to establish. the translation, together with the original document, must be uploaded in a single pdf file (smaller than 2mb). programme is suitable for international students on a tier 4 visa - study must be full-time, face-to-face, starting october. you will develop your thesis: explain how you will apply your theoretical and methodological approach to the development of your main thesis (summarized in point 1), i.

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for further information, please visit the short programmes webpages or send an email to summeraffairs@graduateinstitute. please note that you are eligible to apply during the last year of your study programme provided you will have received your final diploma before the start of the phd programme. click here for further information about the specific requirements of the different departments with regards to the thesis proposal. are the requirements to be admitted to the institute's master programme? will find more information on financial aid in the faq for scholarships and special aid. for more information, visit the website of the service des étrangers, office cantonal de la population (ocp) (in french only). in addition some appropriate experience in a low or middle-income country (a minimum of one month) is normally a condition of entry. with essential academic requirements, the personal statement is your opportunity to illustrate whether your reasons for applying to this programme match what the programme will deliver. decisions regarding admission and requests for financial support are released to the candidates mid-march (regular deadline applicants) or mid-january (early deadline). we assess your application we would like to learn: why you want to study education, health promotion and international development at graduate level why you want to study education, health promotion and international development at ucl what particularly attracts you to the chosen programme how your academic and professional background meets the demands of this challenging programme where you would like to go professionally with your degree. these will make the core of your upgrade (to phd) paper. on their existing knowledge to develop new understandings of key concepts and issues in education, health promotion and international development. the programme encourages applications from those with substantial experience in low- and middle-income countries, as well as those with minimal experience in these country settings but who would like to extend and deepen their understanding of research, policy and practice in these contexts.

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given that the phd is disciplinary (international relations/political science, international economics, international law, international history, anthropology/sociology of development, development economics). or mdev students can apply to relevant specialisations of our phd, but admission may not be easy. clicking on a faculty member’s name will take you to their general profile that contains detailed information on their research interests and a list of publications. master's thesis (24 ects credits) is based on the student’s independent fieldwork research and combines theory with empirical findings. successful applicants will receive information on housing options further to the confirmation of admission. look for applicants who not only have some existing expertise in education, supporting people's health and wellbeing, and working in developing country contexts, but who also have a passion for advocacy, working within and across professional and disciplinary bounderies, sustainable development, and enabling others in challenging circumstances to flourish. the master's thesis with a required length of 20,000-25,000 words. of this master's degree have been engaged:As policy-makers and advisers in government ministries and departments. can i simply polish the manuscript and submit it to receive a phd? if you are coming from a different area of study, it would hence be important that you mention all options/ classes/ internships that you might already have taken in international affairs, development or related disciplines. at registration, every student automatically becomes a member of the association. further information on fee status, fee increases and the fee schedule can be viewed on the ucl current students website.. ba in international relations) with a minor in the desired field of specialisation would be a most appropriate fit.

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during their studies, the career services office sends them internship and job offers by email; its staff further helps students prepare cvs and interviews and organises meeting/conferences with managers and alumni from different sectors. because the visa process may take several months, make sure to apply at your embassy as soon as possible. you do not submit your thesis proposal form on time the registrar's office. please discuss your optional module choices with your personal tutor so that you can build a modular programme relevant to your professional development in the field. tutors are active in research on areas related to physical and emotional health and wellbeing, international development, refugees, young people, gender and sexuality, teaching and pedagogy and curriculum development. research proposal is a very important component of your application. in general, the first two semesters are devoted to coursework, the third to the preliminary dissertation and the five remaining for research and writing. additionally, please feel free to join our weekly online information sessions for prospective students. apply to one of our phd programmes, you must hold a masters degree or an equivalent qualification from an accredited university, in a discipline relevant to the chosen programme and to the extent possible have completed a masters level research dissertation. you have also the possibility to complete a minor in another discipline (please see phd regulation for more information). in the heart of europe, geneva is a truly international city and recognised business centre. name: fondation pour l'institut de hautes études internationales et du développement, ch-1211 genève 21. it is beneficial if you have made contact with an academic at soas who shares your research interests prior to the submission of your application.

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 some students will be required to follow a half-year preparatory programme before being able to start the one-year master’s programme. download the relevant thesis proposal form for your programme below,Fill it in, print it, collect the required signatures, attach your proposal and. students interested in developing additional research skills in this field, there is also a two-year research master in international development studies. language certificates must reach the institute by may 30th at the latest. the process created the common degrees of bachelor-master-phd and uses a common system of credits called ects, equivalent across europe and recognised around the world. on this ma benefit from involvement in a number of key academic networks including:Being part of a cluster of four international development ma programmes, so learning with student peers from across the world. assessment is through coursework, taking the form of 5,000 word assignments or equivalent, such as a 3,500-word project proposal + 1,500 word conceptual framework. in addition to this, students take one elective course, a course in mixed methods and research methodology, and write a research proposal to prepare for fieldwork. connections between distinct academic disciplines with regard to the promotion of wellbeing and social justice,Investigate and propose sustainable ways of working and,Through conducting a small-scale research study, apply what they have learned to create personally and professionally relevant new knowledge of the field. gsss master's students must submit thesis proposal form to the. students receive job offers and employment opportunities on a weekly basis on their e-mail account. general, we estimate an average of 10 hours per week for class attendance and between 20 and 30 hours per week for home and library work. for flexible, modular study are charged pro-rata to the appropriate full-time master's fee taken in an academic session.

policy advocates and programme managers in international ngos and development agencies. of this master's degree have used the academic and professional expertise gained through the programme to:Set up and manage an ngo or consultancy. specific scholarships, national or geographic criteria may apply (for instance scholarships from the swiss agency for development and cooperation are intended for global south or developing countries’ nationals). last modified on 6 january 2017 at 11:58 by ucl publications & marketing services. admission office advises you to:Gather application materials early and give yourself plenty of time to complete each step as it may take time to obtain certain documents. core or elective courses, there are between 20 and 100 students per class; in seminars, there are approximately 10 to 20 students. the graduate institute benefits from its proximity to numerous international and non-governmental organisations, diplomatic missions and multinational companies. the admissions committee may, however, also consider applications of students from different backgrounds with a strong academic record and a marked interest to pursue their studies in international affairs/development. graduate students have gone on to diverse careers in international organisations (who, ilo, imo, unctad, wto, unhcr, wipo, red cross…), ngos, diplomacy and civil service, multinational companies, the banking and financial sector, journalism and media, communication and public relations, as well as academic research and teaching. the small-scale research study is assessed by way of a 20,000-word dissertation or 10,000-word report. for further information visit the executive education website or to send an email to executive@graduateinstitute. makes you believe you can achieve it during this duration? budget of approximately chf 18’000 per year is recommended (this budget would allow for a modest student lifestyle).

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