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 according to the cdc, of 2009 the rate of teen pregnancy has declined about 9%. research new research: the focus of new research in this area should be on the affects of public policy on teen pregnancy rates. it is imperative that it can reach all teenage mothers.

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. the study evaluates specific areas of abstinence-only education that can contribute or correlate with an increase pregnancy rates; (1) the level of emphasis on abstinence in state laws and policies, (2) teen pregnancy, abortion, and birth data, and (3) other external factors; socioeconomic factors, education attainment, ethnic composition, and medicaid waivers for family planning (stranger-hall and hall, 2010). short literature review my research has resulted in a multitude of facts and some personal accounts of pregnancy. public policy has the ability to increase teen pregnancy and outcomes.

Research proposal: The effect of pregnancy on the adolescent

Research proposal on teenage pregnancy - Experience Best

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 70% of higher-income teenagers who become pregnant choose to postpone childbearing, whereas lower-income teens are more likely to give birth. teen pregnancy is a multi-factorial issue:  socioeconomic factors  sociodemographic factors  state-adopted policies. brindis (2006) aims at examining certain public policy changes surrounding specific factors affecting teen sexual activity and pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy research proposal paper - Expert Custom

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 inclusioncriteria: age, and sexual history (pregnancy/full-term birth, prior top, currently sexually active.  do restrictive abortion laws increase the rate of teen pregnancy alone? themes abstinence-only education: studies have shown a positive correlation between abstinence-only programs and an increase in teen pregnancy (stranger-hall and hall, 2010).