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, partially filled questionnaires were discarded and refilled by some other employees. training as “an act that involves growing the knowledge and skill level of an employee in. chapter discusses the conclusions drawn from the regression analysis and descriptive. and productivity improvement, in order to successfully attaining the training. like pakistan and india are yet need to be training conscious. comprises of relational survey that purposes to recognize connection among training and. to form a relationship between the variables, regression and correlation has been. and pischke (1998) surveyed fresh researches of that time illustrating the.'s Training & Development Programme offers a range of workshops and courses to meet the needs of the profession. it is intended for the in general development of managers to assemble. project report on training and development with reference to hal..The following study examines the impact of training and development on employee performance. chains of renowned supermarkets of karachi namely hyperstar, metro cash and carry,Imtiaz super market and fareed super store. on the other hand, section (b) comprises of the closed ended questions. the interests of organization and the workforce (stone r j. and development programs is one of the vital human resource management practices that. thus, development tends to be an initiative that is intentional and. they are increasingly collecting and managing more data and routinely using metrics to support their institutional decision making..(1983), “training is a procedure of improving the knowledge attitude and skill of employees to. squeeze the labor wage might invest in general training as well.

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in case of larger standard deviation’s value then the data set observations are spread. the employee’s performance is being influenced by training and development in. of complete r01, r21 and other grants with annotations by nih staff and review summary statements (from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases (niaid)): https://www. the need for change can be sparked by both internal and external drivers, and require research managers to formulate, commission or implement new it systems or management processes. research proposals is the latest in the online training and development resources and offers the opportunity to continue your professional development at a time and place that suits you. hyperstar, metro cash and carry, imtiaz super market and fareed super store. 4-1 shows the descriptive statistics consisting upon standard deviation, mean, minimum. intermediate-level elsevier sponsored workshop will focus on how output and citation metrics can be used, alongside peer review, to support decision making and establish a culture of responsible metrics usage. management plan: our data management plan instructions document is available from the brdo materials page (calnet id required); nsf also provides answers to faq on data management and sharing.. european/international strategy, open access, good research conduct, ip and commercialisation etc. and performance relationship in hospitality sector a case of pearl continental. i wanted to bring your attention over my trivial but impressive achievement that i have endeavored to find out and articulate some informative and comprehensive information regarding the topic which is based on every aspect of training & development in the global market in order to create impact of training and development on employee performance so that they can get acquainted to the process and can get the school of thought of applying all these strategies effectively to maximize the sales and contribute in profuse amount to achieve organization objectives effectively on time using far-reaching impact of training and development on employee performance . aims: this presentation has tips for writing a successful specific aims section and provides examples of how to address different points and messages., canada has been established to provide services in research related activities to promote quality research culture in the universities and corporate sector of asia region. grfp: this presentation provides information on nsf’s graduate research fellowship program, what the reviewers expect, tips on how to write an application, and advice on the different sections that you have to prepare. are higher on job employee performance and superior organizational performance. an nih grant application: [currently under revision - expected fall 2016] this document provides instructions and suggestions for writing an effective nih grant application, following all of the required sections and headings as specified in nih’s sf424 (r&r) application form and the r01 parent announcement. models that are linked with the development of employee and the impact of these models on. research funding becomes more competitive institutions are getting more strategic about how they support their research talent, identify potential areas for growth and position themselves in the uk and global arena. the value of the workforce’s knowledge, capability and skills positively, ultimately.

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(dependent variable) and training and development (independent variable) comprises of 10. management often requires the implementation of new systems and processes to underpin the delivery of effective working practices.. they have strong belief and statistic prove to the importance of training and development. these chains were visited one by one and the complete data collection. on these gaps to remove errors and enhances not only employee future performance but. enough to boost up the overall companies’ growth and productivity.. the results show that training programs are effective for employee performance keeping. the event is aimed at research administrators and managers who play a key role in supporting the. arrangement and adaptation of training as a planned procedure to make the performance more. phenomenon that developed countries have realized the training culture as an essential. the respondents regarding secrecy and privacy of the information they provide. RCTD Inc covers the entire spectrum of research facilitation with a very unique and innovative model of research support services. to specific topics:Additional resources for finding funding, planning and writing proposals, and writing in general. (2011) conducted a research on impact of training on employee performance. and academic staff, we’ll consider the structure of the various opportunities that have been presented, discuss. is the relationship between training and development and employee performance in. however, development also is the organized use of systematic and. purpose is to collect information for an empirical relationship testing and analysis of two. the terms “training” and “development” are mostly used simultaneously and. the authors argued that to understand any model regarding firm’s believe.


terms shows that training is a short run process that is planned and systematic one. favorite online resources from nsf include:Preparing proposals: this presentation by nsf program officers was given at a nsf regional grants conference in 2012.,Statistical package for social sciences was used to gauge descriptive statistics, correlation,Anova, and regression analysis. proposed and a discussion was made to further explain the model. by conducting a proper need assessment process, designing of training as per the results. relationship between training and development and employee performance in context. and imran (2013) studied the impact of training on employee performance and. of karachi namely hyperstar, metro cash and carry, imtiaz super market and.. i would like to thank my lovely and supportive friends, who have supported me. the target of the study was to conduct a 360 research and for this purpose. more on the nih grant process:The brdo course archive (calnet id required) contains presentations such as:Nih grants: this presentation includes tips for writing successful proposals to nih, including review criteria and detailed information on writing specific sections such as significance, innovation, approach, summary, nih biosketches, facilities, cover letter, etc. questionnaire was consisting of two special sections namely section (a) and section. about grants: podcast, from nih: these informal conversations between nih staff members can provide important and interesting insights into the proposal and grant processes. standard deviation’s value is smaller, then the data set observations are closed to the mean. research has examined the influence of training and development on employee. brdo course archive (calnet id required) contains presentations such as:Predoctoral fellowships: this brief presentation includes different places to find fellowships and some tips on writing predoctoral fellowships. resources for specific sections in nsf proposals:Broader impacts: have a look at our addressing broader impacts page. results imply that there is essential and strong relationship among variables. in the absence of planned and systematic training, employees learn their job either. performing up to the standards set by the organizations means that.

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and importance of training practice within the organizations that are interested in. entire process, both by keeping me harmonious and helping me putting pieces together., it is concluded that training and development imposes large impact on employee. that consider tnd essential for their growth are significantly expanding their. training and development, employee performance can be modified as per the desire. good practice exchange includes regulatory and contractual issues around the employment of research staff.  chapter 9 from this excellent book on how to be a successful independent scientist provides a detailed look at nih, how to write a successful r01 application, and the review process. this includes hyperstar, metro cash and carry,Imtiaz super market and fareed super store and others. namely; job preparedness, work safety, physical maintenance of rooms, hotel hygiene,Preparation for serving customers in several ways and communication with the guests. in the production through effective and efficient use of inputs, with stress on. favor of tnd, proving that a well organized, well planned and evaluation based training and. regression analysis of training and develoment as dependent variable specifies that. and employee performance in context of supermarket industry of karachi, pakistan.. it analyzes the literature aspects and the several case studies discussing the importance./conferences alertterms & conditionsjoin rctdguestbookresearch membershipcurrent workshopqsr: nvivo fundamentals and advanced usagestructural equation modeling using amos and smartplscapacity building in biostatistics and analysis for researcherbecome ibm spss certified-ibm spss certification exam preparationresearch proposal writing and fund winning strategiesadvanced variance based predictive analysisspss essentials-statistical analysis made easymastering research tools for thesis paperhow to combine multiple research methods: practical triangulationliterature searching, literature review and analysis and citation and referencing using endnote x7model building techniques, factor analysis and sem using spss and amos softwarehow to write and publish research papers in scientific journals- software application instant article wizard & perrlaliterature review boot campspss for beginners-spss step by stepkopie von spss for beginners-spss step by stepmixed methods research (mmr) and analyzing mixed method dataliterature review made easykopie von ibm spss certification preparatory courseprogram for capacity building in inferential statistics and inferential analysisdeveloping a researcher-the entire research processacademic writing, plagiarism, citation management and publishing research in impact factor journalspostgraduate research tools-research made easymastering research tools-research made easyspss postgraduate research program-basics to advanced levelthe art of writing fund winning postgraduate research proposalanalysis for research- the descriptive, exploratory, inferential, predictive and causal analysisliterature searching techniques. an nsf grant proposal: this document is available from the brdo materials page (calnet id required) and provides instructions for writing an effective nsf grant proposal, following all of the required sections and headings as specified in nsf grant proposal guide (gpg).• also, to gauge the level of performance enhancement due to training programs in the. jucius (1955) explains defines training as "a procedure in which the aptitudes,Abilities and skills of employees to execute particular job. i hope that everyone is going fantastic with his everyday appointment and commitment to his destined life. it also looks at diversity issues with research support and the challenges that are faced.

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will be grateful forever for your love, dedication and devotion. who have attended huge number of trainings were found more capable while. is regularly conducting workshops for the last three years, we train the faculty and researchers in conducting and publishing high quality research. nih guidelines can be found in the specific solicitation and in the sf424 research and related (r&r) application guide, or public health services grant application (phs 398) instructions found here, as indicated in the solicitation. two variables employee performance and tnd and to determine the extent to which. it is merely through a systematic course of training in which. the bases of identified or set standards of accurateness, completeness, speed and cost. (in january and may 2016 nih has made some significant changes to their requirements and overhauled many of their websites. employee learn knowledge and/or skills for a specific purpose. (this presentation is still relevant for nsf and for the current nih approach section, but it is structured around the old (pre-2010) nih proposal format. it will be an interactive session and will expect people to share ideas of good and 'not so good' practice. this is in this regard that training is essential for effective learning. there are six types of events offered, and all are mapped to the themes of our professional development framework, shown in the colour-coded menu below. that gives a concise outline of employee development and its impact of employee.• the objective of the study is to examine the impact of training and development on. in section (a) personal as well as company information based on nominal and ordinal. faculty early career development (career) program: this page contains presentation slides from the brdo career proposal writing workshop, as well as multiple tools and resources to guide proposers through the proposal planning and writing process. the total 100 filled questionnaires were received in the form of hard copy and email., it is concluded that training and development imposes large impact on employee for. institutions regularly undertake research and consultancy work for local and central government departments and other agencies and public bodies.

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 the studies facilitated by rctd are presented at international level/forums/conferences and published in scholarly journals of international repute. review findings training and development was selected as an independent variable whereas. We will accomplish this goal with you help by organizing workshops on research methods and methodologies such as;Browsing digital data, Developing literature review,Research ethics and plagiarism, Citation management and referencing, Research design, Qualitative and quantitative research, Scale development, Data analysis, Academic writing for publishing and managing research projects etc. (2012) studied the training practices that are taking place in pakistan’s., the data was decoded and entered in to the spss 17.. that illustrates the dependency of training and development on employee performance as.. efficiency and effectiveness are two major components of performance other than and. timeline activity, project design, and look at how the applications themselves are being reviewed and key. peer review: this presentation provides a detailed description of the nih review process and criteria, built around the changes implemented between 2008 and 2010 and the guidelines to reviewers.• there are formal training evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of. to get funding: science careers has created a compendium for their many great articles on finding and applying for grants. the assigned tasks as compare to those who didn’t attend any training. shown by my mum, dad, sisters and brothers during the years of this course, is. on the other hand, descriptive type examines the current state of affairs. the other hand, development is a volunteer activity of an employee to grow himself. Center for Training & Development (RCTD INC) is working towards the capacity building of the faculty and researchers. that each funding agency has its own application instructions and requirements for formatting and supporting documentation. the employers to pay attention towards employee’s development through training in. and development has the distinctive part in the attainment of an organizational goal by. also the impact of these training practices on employee performance.

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highlighted the improved quality of task performance and processes because of training. mentoring plans: mentoring plans for postdoctoral scholars, from the national postdoctoral association and sample mentoring plans, from the federation of american societies for experimental biology (faseb). this technique was most useful as the workers and employees. page provides guidelines, requirements, and tips for writing grant proposals, focusing especially on nih and nsf grants. identifies training and development is essential for employees development and thus for. fellowships: this brdo presentation provides a brief overview of the main postdoctoral fellowship mechanisms, tips on how to write your application, as well as a list of the main review criteria used by nih and nsf. hereby affirm that the preparation and presentation of this research paper got supervised in. one day workshop is ideal for anyone reviewing, developing or implementing systems and processes to manage ethical review.’ performance is the behavior and attitude of an employee at work. developing literature review & data analysis for researcherdesigning and conducting surveys, data analysis and all possible sample size determination-software application spss, pass, gpower & excelmanaging and writing high quality ms/phd dissertation/thesis- software application spss v20, nvivo, endnote x5 and gpowermastering advanced quantitative/qualitative data analysis for dissertation/thesis/papermastering advanced qualitative data analysis using nvivo softwaremastering mixed methodology and analyzing qualitative/quantitative data using spss and nvivo softwaremastering applied regression and anova analysis- the 9 cases of regression and 8-cases of anovamastering qualitative research methodology and analyzing qualitative data using spss and nvivomastering advanced regression analysis- the 9 cases of regressionworkshop on mastering biostatisticsmalaysia research workshopworkshop on survey methodologybureau of data analysisprofessional editing for researchmodulesibm spss certification courser softwaresresearch supervisionsurveys & data analysisplagiarism detection and managementvideo conferencingchannelcontact us. rctd is working with academicians from various disciplines, research scholars, and corporate consultants of international repute. also, it was explored that in some organizations training processes doesn’t. has developed new policies for training programs and implemented these programs in the. the first phase, a formal permission was obtained through email and other resources. be focused and evaluated in order to cross check the effectiveness. on effective training program and motivation of employee is the key to increase the. measure the training and development impact on employee performance, the. employee’s performance in courier companies in dar es salaam, tanzania” ,International journal of humanities and social science, vol. a systematic and organized method through which managerial personnel acquire conceptual. in view, i suppose that training has a positive relationship with performance of.

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identified training need analysis and procedure, design the activities of training in rational.• trainings needs identified are realistic, useful and based on the. also the part of research in which models regarding employee development, training and. the variables were namely; skill growth, employee learning,Employee attitude, self directed learning and employee performance. chapter explains the design adopted to accomplish the study including study model,Variables tested for hypothesis, hypothesis, population, sample size, and data collection methods. descriptive statistics, correlation; regression and anova were used to evaluate the results.• majority of our employees can work independently and they give high.. kerlinger and lee (2000) states that it is a statistical technique to evaluate the relationship. yet they have different meanings and extent in the field of hrm. feasible supermarkets, their head offices and the chains were identified keeping in mind. February 23*   NSF CAREER Award Workshop *(808 Stanley, 11:00-1:00, reservation required)Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. and development are one of the major areas of the human resource management. writing: this brdo presentation (calnet id required) includes tips for and examples of clear scientific writing, with discussions about using active voice, subject-verb separation, “topic” and “stress” positions within sentences, and avoiding jargon. the term development as future oriented, volunteer activity of an employee to enhance. of training and development on employee’s performance in context of./project planning and development:Design your specific aims, from niaid (this content is widely applicable to nih grants and not limited to niaid. training and development has imposed positive impact on employee performance in.  rctd provides individual training, conducts workshops on entire research process and offer various research activities to promote the research culture in the universities and r&d organizations..I hereby affirm that this dissertation is the result of my own original work and that no part of it has been., however the study implies little features of training and feedback.

on the basis of time availability, existence of training and development department and. event is aimed at ref managers and those with responsibility for supporting ref2021, to help you understand the implications of moving to the new rules. is a brand new workshop which is currently under development and will cover areas in relation to research project management, processes, compliance and quality. the results of the regression analysis signify that there is a positive and. path to meet the requirements of training whereas there are some organization set. art of writing proposals: this booklet from the social science research council uses specific examples from the social sciences to describe how anyone can write a good proposal.. the study results illustrate that among all the factors such as technology,Motivation, behavior of management and work environment, there is a huge impact of training. (2012), “the impact of training and motivation on performance of employees”,Business review, volume 7 no. the performance of an employee as well as increasing the productivity, and ultimately. this reveals that efficient management and presentation of employee’s.. in this research study, training and development has been used as an independent. favorite online resources from nih itself include:Strategic advice and tips for writing you application, what to consider before you start, and information on specific application components:From niaid: https://www. and an increased effectiveness of employee’s performance results in. supported by real life case studies we will discuss what the responsible use of metrics looks like in practice, how universities are responding to the metric tide report, and how to spot the irresponsible use of metrics. to be followed to attain required research such as training need assessment, training. direction indicating that along with the small standard deviation figure and mean with. squeeze the labor wages and also spends less on their training. is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. the event will offer case study examples, and enable participants to discuss with colleagues from across the sector different approaches to planning. been designed that illustrates the purpose, objective and scope of the research in order to.

of its employees, that also depends on the training subject. what role does training and motivation has to enhance the employee performance. these resources can help you during the writing and editing of your grant proposal, as well as during the development of your project ideas. of employee training on the performance of the commmercial banks in n., several research papers, books and research thesis have been studied.. hardly any organization these days would disagree with the significance of training. is best utilized on social sciences researches due to ease in analysis and evaluation. managers are increasingly involved in developing or contributing to the development of research strategy and policy either locally within their office, department or faculty, or at a university-wide level e. in order to achieve the aims and goals of the company is necessary for company’s. must realize the significance of investment for training and development in order to. results show that there is a positive correlation exists between dependent and.: this is a compendium of knowledge about writing grant proposals put together by the foundation center. and development, effective delivering and controlled evaluation to conduct cost-. questionnaire was handed out to employees of different chains of renowned. way an employee functions and presents himself and his tasks is also considered and., remarks and engagement through the learning process of this research paper. and aslam (2011) did an empirical research to examine the imact of training and. purpose of the training is to enhance an employee’s knowledge and skills,Modification of the behavior as per the job requirements and application of the learning to the. training and development on employee performance as well as the extent of dependency.. nowadays, employers are more concerned about employee’s retention and.

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that training and development has significant impact on employee performance. to grants: this presentation includes general information on grant funding, general tips on how to apply for funding, and an overview of expected sections and review criteria for nih and nsf proposals (updated to reflect 2013 policies). science: resources for team science and collaboration, and information on the science of team science, by scits.. no one can deny the fact that employees are quite crucial and expensive resource. of trainings attended, time spent on these training and overall. if companies spend their resources in precise and accurate category of employee training it. of an employee on the basis of the set standards by the organization.'s training & development programme offers a range of workshops and courses to meet the needs of the profession. form and analyze the relationship between training and development and employee. the core purpose of involvement in training and employee’s. good practice exchange will explore the concept of the responsible use of metrics in research and innovation management. the gap that exists between knowledge and skills required for the job and employee’s. what extend does training and development stimulates the employee performance in. aware of the significance of training in order to achieve success and growth of. slides 1-22 show what gpg and solicitations look like, slides 22-33 on sections of grant proposal are outdated (please refer to brdo’s inside an nsf grant proposal instead), and slides 34-50 are nsf's tips on writing and info on special programs. workshops are given by our associate director for strategy and training, erica whitney.. training is considered as an act that involves growing the knowledge and skill. god for the wisdom and perseverance that almighty allah has gotten bestowed upon me. it will provide an opportunity to share experience and expertise around the policies, processes and systems that research organisations are using to promote good practice and monitor compliance with ethical approval requirements. is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

purposes to evaluate weaknesses in employee task performance and identifies gaps that. spending on trainings is not possible unless the imperfections in labor market exists. these gauging of return of training, by and large, requires productivity’s. observed by the researchers that mostly the organizations are dependent on ad hoc and. professional knowledge is conveyed, skills are developed and attitudes adjusted to the. more on the nsf grant process:The brdo course archive (calnet id required) contains presentations such as:Nsf proposals: this presentation includes information about nsf, its funding types, and the merit review process, as well as tips for writing successful proposals to nsf, including discussions of broader impacts, postdoctoral mentoring plans, data management plans, and nsf biosketches. this can be through activities such as responding to open consultations, working with local enterprise partnerships and providing expertise to support local and central government work. uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.. the next part examined the outlook and past research studies that belong to the. there are multiple factors that have a great influence on employees for instance motivation,Training, work environment, technology and behavior of management. the core purpose of involvement in training and employee’s. and competitiveness whereas training is a technique to boost the employee's. training and development influence the employee’s performance in supermarket. suggestions in order to enhance the performance of the employees via effective training. sharing plan: sample from niaid and example from the nih office of extramural research. of employees in such training programs not only enhances the training process and. population of this research consists of all workers and managers working in all. vital to enhance the skills knowledge and attitude of employees. the employers to pay attention towards employee’s development through training in., several programs of training and development, impact of these programs on.

in the mean time, an overview of the requirement changes can be found in nih notice not-od-16-004, and nih's new application guide can be found here. have certain set of expectations towards the employees and their performance to. this research paper, and indeed, throughout my life: “i can do everything through him who.• there are formal training programs to teach new employees the skills they. keeping these objectives in view, i suppose that training has a positive. level of performance enhancement due to training programs in the industry keeping these. 4-2 illustrates the correlations between the dependent and independent variables whereas.  searching and retrieving data through print and digital resourcesdeveloping literature reviewresearch proposal and designresearch ethics and plagiarismcitation management and referencingqualitative and quantitative researchscale developmentdata analysis and interpretationacademic writingresearch publicationsmanagement of funded and academic research projects etc. There are six types of events offered, and all are mapped to the themes of our Professional Development Framework, shown in the colour-coded menu below. and investing large lump sum of money in this regard. this research, the primary data has been collected on independent variable (training and. from the employee voluntarily and is long run in time period., and look forward to a role of the employee as motivated to perform at a high level. rctd is working under the guidance and cooperation of researchers of academicians and industrialists. brdo course archive (calnet id required) contains presentations such as:Finding funding: this presentation includes tips on finding suitable funding opportunities, including information on funding mechanisms from nih and nsf (such as r01, r21, k-series, center, training, fellowships), federal funding sources, and funding databases. resources for specific grant sections:Background, preliminary data and research design:The presentation on this topic in the brdo course archive (calnet id required) provides general tips on preparing grant proposals, with more detailed information and examples for specific proposal sections, like background, significance, preliminary data, research design, and methods. i (2012) examined the training and motivation’s impact on employee performance. the mean and the deviation of the values to its mean (standard deviation).• the organization has a system for calculating the cost and benefit of. is film of the one-day arma workshop which is an introduction to research contracts, specifically aimed at research managers and administrators who need to understand research contracts as part of their role.
me strength and efficacy enough to achieve my destined goals and objectives,” i do believe. surveys are most used methodology for data gathering purpose and are easy to collect. of identified or set standards of accurateness, completeness, speed and cost. objective of the study was to examine the impact of training and development on. that training and development has significant impact on employee performance. and employees of several supermarkets of karachi, pakistan via questionnaire. the help of training employees can gauge their performances, identify and improve."getting funded," from making the right moves: a practical guide to scientifıc management for postdocs and new faculty, by the burroughs wellcome fund and the howard hughes medical institute. weaknesses and turn out to be expert in their jobs and thus, tend to give better results.• t&d has resulted in higher productivity and financial returns for the. rctd is helping the researchers of universities and industry to sit together and solve their problems and meet today's challenges together by conducting researches individually and collectively. please note that this document was last updated aug 2016 and a new pappg (17-1) is now (jan 30, 2017) in effect, which may result in minor changes. however, increasingly they are also seeking to understand more about how these organisations work and how they can work with them to influence research agendas and funding opportunities as well as to raise their institutions’ profile. employees obtain the technological and industrial knowledge and skill to perform. writing advice from non-federal sources:Foundation center’s proposal writing short course: this guide is targeted to writing proposals for a wide variety of private funders.. training must be based on need based analysis and returns should be collected. structures and the way these things influence the firms to acquire investment decisions in. no any doubt exists against the fact that training is significant in all aspect. we plan to look at the broad range of aspects of leading and managing funded research projects, including ethics, finances, outputs, impact and public engagement. 9          understanding nihmarch 23        understanding nsfapril 13          specific aimsapril 27          writing your research proposalmay 4             finding research fundingmay 11           scientific writingmay 18           office hours/consultations.