Developing Biofuel Proposal

canada has just launched three new calls for proposals in the following areas related to the development of advanced biofuels: social outreach, techno-economic analysis and novel approaches.

Call for Proposals on Research and Development on Biofuels

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Call for R&D proposals - BioFuelNet

 this call for proposals is open to anyone meeting the eligibility criteria of nserc or sshrc.


key dates:uk applicants must complete an intention to submit form by 1600 hours (uk time) on 9th october 2012the detailed call for proposals can be found here.

Cluster Hiring Proposal: Biofuels Renewable Energy

call for proposals is focussed around the three key areas which were agreed by workshop participants to be priorities:identification, characterisation and improvement of novel biomass (including algal biomass) processing enzymes.

Would anyone be interested in biodiesel research project from non

of systems and synthetic biology approaches for the development of microbial strains (bacteria, yeast, fungal) for the production of advanced biofuels and capable of using all of the sugars derived from lignocellulosic or algal biomass.

BBSRC-DBT call for proposals in Sustainable Bioenergy and Biofuels

a successful joint workshop on bioenergy, held in new delhi in october 2011, the biotechnology and biological sciences research council (bbsrc), uk and india’s department of biotechnology (dbt) jointly invite proposals under the sustainable bioenergy and biofuels initiative.

Funding Announcements: Genomic Science Program

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Development of next generation biofuel technologies

all applicants must adhere to national eligibility rules for research proposals as set out by bbsrc and dbt.

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Research proposal on biofuels