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distributed energy resources and multi-energy applications in smart gridseec_2 variable-quality predictive lossy compression of hyperspectral imageseec_3 image and video retrieval based on camera identificationeec_4 issues in sdn ( software defined networking)eec_5 design and analysis of new generation crowd-sourcing systemseec_6 design of architectures and protocols  for the  internet of the future eec_7 teraflex: ultra-high spectral-efficiency long-haul terabit flexible and reconfigurable new-generation wdm networkseec_8 innovative solutions of power electronic converters for high reliability applications and distributed power generationeec_9 modeling power systems as dynamic multi-layer complex systems eec_10 stability analysis of optoelectronic devices and systems through floquet theoremeec_11 design of  digital systems accounting for uncertainty due to process variation and agingeec_12 software-defined networking (sdn) for 5g networkseec_13 green embedded multiprocessor architectures for systems-on-chipeec_14 software defined energy-efficient networking: an integrated approach from the chip to the datacentereec_15 three-dimensional printing of rotating electrical machineseec_16 modeling and analysis of mimo relay networkseec_17 health monitoring systems based on inertial sensorseec_18 low-complexity hybrid positioning techniqueseec_19 analysis and design of innovative analog front-end for sensor signal conditioningeec_20 analysis and design of innovative integrated current sensorseec_21 development of simulation tools for the design  of  semiconductor lasers with nanostructure active materials for applications in innovative optical and optoelectronic systemseec_22 multiscale modeling of gan-based light-emitterseec_23 characterization, modeling and simulation for robust design of next-generation mobile electronic systemseec_24 high-level synthesis of hardware from c/c++/systemc modelseec_25 non-intrusive indoors human location eec_26 advanced multiphysics modeling of energy harvesting for biomedical and security deviceseec_27 multi-physics finite methods for modelling singularities in engineering problems eec_28 ray tracing technique with diffraction by composite objects for security, communication, emc and measurement applicationseec_29 design of navigation receivers for the future generation of satellite navigation systemseec_30 modeling of nanostructured magnetic field sensors for biomedical applicationseec_31 systems and circuits  for energy efficiency in smart connected objects eec_32 design and simulation of semiconductor lasers with extended modulation bandwidth for optical communication applicationseec_33 wearable electronic devices powered by hybrid energy conversion and storage systemseec_34 characterization and modeling of magnetic materials for energy applicationseec_35 power management for small satellites and low-cost avionicseec_36 signal and data processing for small satellites and low-cost avionicseec_37 attitude and orbit determination and control systems for small satellites and low-cost avionicseec_38 telecommunication links for small satellites and low-cost avionicseec_39 memristor-based neuromorphic devices and circuitseec_40 photovoltaic and wind power systems: design, simulation and experimental testseec_41 innovative solutions of electric machines and drives for transportation electrificationeec_42 new bi-dimensional materials (graphene and graphene-based) for energy storage deviceseec_43 advanced electromagnetic (em) virtual prototypingeec_44 physical-layer-aware optimization of elastic and green optical networkseec_45 multiphysics modelling of thin-film optically enhanced gaas quantum dot solar cellseec_46 global navigation satellite system reflectometry (gnss-r) for remote sensing of soileec_47 characterization and modelling of multi walled carbon nanotubes composites for microwave applicationseec_48 radio interfaces for machine-to-machine (m2m) and machine type communication (mtc) eec_49 investigation and development of sdn-based solutions for next-generation networks eec_50 algorithm and protocol design for mobile edge computing (mec) eec_51 image and video retrieval based on camera identification © politecnico di torino corso duca degli abruzzi, 24 - 10129 torino, italy contact | privacy.Research proposal on communication

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Call for Research Proposals on Communication and Branding in a

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