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worldwide conservation fundthe disney worldwide conservation fund makes annual conservation grants, and it manages a rapid response fund. land trust project funding (united kingdom)world land trust invites applicants for fund supporting land acquisition and effective protection of biodiversity conservation.: agriculture; poverty reduction/development; ecology; biodiversity; climate change; forests; land degradation and restoration; water management. energy project support – seps: call for proposals in latin america and the caribbeanthis seps call is looking for project concepts that demonstrate how to apply small-scale renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures to meet energy-related needs and improve energy access for latin american and caribbean people.: agriculture; awareness raising; biodiversity; climate change; drought; ecology; food security; forests; funding and resource mobilization; gender; land degradation and restoration; land management; migration; poverty reduction/development; soil science; stakeholder involvement/negotiations; water management. union for the conservation of nature (iucn): small grants programthis program aims to strengthen civil society for sustainable forest conservation in central africa. the second call in october 2014 will be for full proposals for transformative knowledge networks of which a possible 3 grants of €300,000/year over 3 years will be made. agency for international development cooperation (mashav) training courses grant israeli agency for international development cooperation (mashav) funds professional courses organized and hosted by israeli institutions in subject areas that include agriculture, energy, health, education, and social development.

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for large-scale conservation projectsthe programme supports projects that serve in maintaining natural landscapes for the longer term and in securing and developing cultural landscapes that provide outstanding habitats for protected animal and plant species. agriculture can improve some farmers' livelihoods and resilience, but it may not work for all smallholder farmers in africa. national geographic society is seeking applications for its grants program to award grants for research, conservation, education, and storytelling through its committee for research and exploration.: agriculture; climate change; awareness raising; biodiversity; food security; forests; land degradation and restoration; poverty reduction/development. são paulo research foundation (fapesp)’s call for proposals with the newton fundthe são paulo research foundation (fapesp), the national council for the state funding agencies (confap) and the state funding agencies (faps) of brazil, the academy of medical sciences, the british academy, the royal academy of engineering and the royal society of the united kingdom announce a call for proposals to support the international exchange in research. natural environment foundation: research grant programmethe research grant programme aims to support field research projects and studies within the scope of nature conservation in developing countries, mainly in the asia-pacific region. for environmental education and researchconservation and research foundation makes grants for institutional support and for education and research in the following thematic areas: limiting population growth; biodiversity protection; law and the environment; agriculture conservation; and pollution and energy solutions. call for education proposals: creating an integrated environment & sustainability curriculum0,000 is available for undergraduate curriculum activities in environment and sustainability.

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grants for sustainable agriculture in the developing worldthe innocent foundation invites applicants for seed funding grant supporting food security. for proposal: india-uk water quality research programmewin a grant to do research on development of new management approaches and technologies to improve water quality. for conservation leadershipconservation leadership programme offers the funding opportunities for early-career conservationists.: biodiversity; environment; agriculture; awareness raising; ecology; food security; land degradation and restoration; land management; poverty reduction/development.: ecology; agriculture; awareness raising; biodiversity; climate change; drought; food security; forests; gender; land degradation and restoration; land management; poverty reduction/development; soil science; water management. and sciencethe conservation and science program invests in action and ideas that conserve and restore ecosystems while enhancing human well-being. ramsar wetland conservation awardsthe ramsar wetland conservation award was established in order to recognize and honor the contributions of individuals, organisations, and governments around the world towards promoting the conservation and wise use of wetlands. programme-small grants for 2017 in the republic of kenyathe embassy of the slovak republic in nairobi, invites proposals for small grants for 2017 in the republic of kenya.

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grant-nagao natural environment foundationwin 4000 usd grant for your research project to boost nature conservation in developing countries in the asia-pacific region. research grant program (for overseas research)the kwef supports scientists in asian countries who are conducting research in their own countries on the conservation and restoration of water resources. jindal research fellowships for indian citizensgrants are provided in the frame of the sitaram jindal research fellowship scheme for indian citizens both within the country and abroad in variuos scientific areas including agriculture and environment.: agriculture; awareness raising; biodiversity; climate change; land management; funding and resource mobilization. cargill global scholars program 2017the cargill global scholars program 2017 by cargill offers scholarships to university students interested in food security, agriculture, and risk management. for photography projectscompetitive grants are offered to emerging conservation photographers for photography in australia and eligible asia-pacific countries.: agriculture; food security; gender; land management; land degradation and restoration. conservation, food & health foundation grantthe  conservation, food and health foundation makes grants for conserving ecosystems and protecting biological diversity in developing countries.

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, food, and health foundation grantthe foundation supports projects that demonstrate strong local leadership, promote professional development in the conservation, agricultural, and health sciences; develop the capacity of local organizations; and address a particular problem in the field.: agriculture; awareness raising; biodiversity; drought; ecology; land degradation and restoration; water management; forests. morris international rural living conditionsfoundation to support programs to protect and enhance natural resources, reforest the land, implement conservation agriculture, provide clean water, ensure food security, and improve the livelihoods of people living in rural communities. horticulture innovation lab's trellis fundthe horticulture innovation lab invites proposals from organizations in africa, asia, and central america for the trellis fund projects.: agriculture; awareness raising; biodiversity; climate change; drought; ecology; food security; forests; funding and resource mobilization; gender; land degradation and restoration; poverty reduction/development; water management. ramsar convention's small grants fundthe ramsar convention established the small grants fund (sgf) in 1990 as a mechanism to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition to implement the convention and to support the conservation and wise use of wetland resources.: agriculture; awareness raising; ecology; land degradation and restoration; land management; soil science. crop diversity trust long term grantslong-term grants secure in-perpetuity funding for the conservation of the major food crops of the world.

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: environment; agriculture; food security; land management; land degradation and restoration. do you want to use your energy and skills to make a difference to biodiversity conservation in india? tropical forest conservation act helps fund the establishment and management of protected areas; practices for land and ecosystem management. and supplies for conservationidea wild is a nonprofit organization to provide equipment and supplies in support of biodiversity conservation in developing countries.: biodiversity; awareness raising; food security; forests; drought; land management; agriculture. it also makes awards to grassroots conservationists for outstanding work to protect wildlife and habitats, and to educate communities. of agricultural products: 2017 calls for proposals for simple and multi programmesthe eu commission for agriculture and rural development invites proposals for simple and multi programmes  for the promotion of agricultural products. ark initiativethe rainforest ark initiative provides partnership and funding opportunities to local conservation ngos across the tropics.

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5th call: innovative diagnostic tools for soil and plant health in indiathe birac is inviting proposals aimed at developing for the field tools for soil and plant health assessment. university postgraduate merit scholarships (united kingdom)bangor university offers scholarships to international students to support their studies in natural sciences which includes topics land management and conservation. opportunity for studies in sustainable agriculture ( california , usa)this scholarship programme is aimed at assisting undergraduate and graduate study students studying in the area of sustainable and organic agriculture. foundation student grantsgrants for graduate students in developing countries of agriculture, land use, or environment. the unccd secretariat will not comment on grant proposals sent to us via email or postal mail. inter-american foundation (iaf) grantsthe inter-american foundation (iaf) invites proposals for its grant program. of over 930 million people living in sub saharan africa (ssa), about two thirds depend on rain fed smallholder agriculture for their livelihoods.-kleinn-scholarships for nature conservation and sustainable development in russia and central asia“preserve and sustain” is the motto of the succow foundation.

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that link conservation with community developmentempowers africa takes the view that sustainable conservation is built on community-based collaboration. services and the environmentthe foundation’s interests include: wildlife research and conservation; animal health and anti-cruelty campaigns; community-based management of natural resources; and environmental education and capacity building. date:the call for 2015 clp proposals has been postponed until early 2015. farming innovation award (ofia)the international federation of organic agriculture movements (ifoam) invites nominations for the 3rd organic farming innovation award (ofia)., grants and awards in south east asiathe southeast asian regional center for graduate study and research in agriculture (searca) provides scholarships and chosen research and training project proposals with limited start-up funds intended to enhance chances of securing long-term support from donor agencies. nl small grants for the purchase of nature: enabling strong local conservation ngos to protect habitatthe international union for conservation of nature netherlands (iucn nl) is currently accepting applications for its small grants for the purchase of nature (spn). grants for biodiversity conservation in the lake victoria basinthe critical ecosystem partnership fund (cepf) invites applications for small grants (under us thousand) that address conservation priorities in its afromontane key biodiversity areas in the lake victoria basin.: poverty reduction/development; ecology; forests; land management; water management; agriculture.

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the themes include sub-topics such as the following: tree planting and forest protection; prevention of desertification; wildlife protection; ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and more.: poverty reduction/development; food security; agriculture; land degradation and restoration. agriculture (ca), which was initially developed as a response to the us dust bowl in the 1930s, is one of the approaches increasingly promoted on smallholder farms in sub-saharan africa (ssa) to tackle this land degradation and improve soil health. rsf social finance seed fundthe rsf seed fund financially supports non-profit organizations to implement their innovative solutions addressing food security, agriculture or the environment.: agriculture; biodiversity; food security; land management; poverty reduction/development; water management; land degradation and restoration. this grant is awarded to students from central asia and the university of greifswald for research projects on nature conservation.: agriculture; ecology; food security; land degradation and restoration; soil science; water management. earthwatch europe, young conservationists in developing countries are placed in earthwatch projects to gain experience.

rufford foundation grantsthe rufford foundation is a uk based charity that offer rufford small grants for nature conservation projects in the developing world. for projects in water, agriculture, and community developmentvibrant village foundation supports transformational change at the village level. agri-women daughters of american agriculture scholarshipsyoung american females who want to pursue career in agriculture have a chance to win education grants to realize their potential. pefc collaboration fundpefc international invites proposals for the 2017 pefc collaboration fund to invest in projects that stimulate innovation and new solutions for promoting forest sustainability. for international cooperation in biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable developmentthe foundation makes grants for international cooperation projects in research, capacity building, and field projects that contribute to environmental conservation. grants program searcasearca provides travel grants of up to a maximum of us,200 to each qualified agriculture and agriculture-related professionals and social scientists including graduate students in southeast asia. world agriculture prize 2017the prize aims to encourage the global development of the mission of higher educational institutions in education, research and innovation in agricultural and the life sciences by recognizing the distinguished contribution of an individual to this mission.-frankel fellowshipthe vavilov-frankel fellowship enables outstanding scientists from developing countries to carry out research on the conservation and use of agricultural and forest biodiversity.

grants for conservation research (latin america)neotropical grassland conservancy provides grants for the latin american researchers to implement an exceptional project that will have a sustainable impact on grassland conservation. foundation conservation fellows 2015kinship supports fellows worldwide to participate in its month-long conservation leadership program in the usa, supported with stipends and lodging. for testing and developing projects in nature conservation and landscape managementthe german federal agency for nature conservation (bfn) has funds available for projects that focus on practical application of nature conservation on the ground. for university students in agricultural studiesorskov makes grants to support animal agriculture in developing countries, including for agricultural studies related to poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability.-analysis of crop responses to conservation agriculture in sub-saharan africa by marc corbeels (cirad), raymond kofi sakyi (georg-august-universität), ronald franz kühne (georg-august-universität) and anthony whitbread (georg-august-universität). on conservation, food and health conservation, food and health foundation provides grants for research or projects aimed to resolve problems in developing countries. university undergraduate merit scholarships (united kingdom)bangor university offers scholarships to international students to support their bachelor studies in natural sciences which includes such topics as land management and conservation. year 2015 has been earmarked as the International Year of Soils to highlight the urgent need for better soil management, many are promoting conservation agriculture (CA) as a key solution for African farmers.

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