Research proposal on data warehousing

A proposed model for data warehouse ETL processes

a solid, well-designed, and documented etl system is necessary for the success of a data warehouse project. data is extracted from different data sources, and then propagated to the dsa where it is transformed and cleansed before being loaded to the data warehouse.

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data warehouses differ from operational databases in that they are subject oriented, integrated, time variant, non volatile, summarized, larger, not normalized, and perform olap. source, staging area, and target environments may have many different data structure formats as flat files, xml data sets, relational tables, non-relational sources, web log sources, legacy systems, and spreadsheets.

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Data Warehouses in the Path from Databases to Archives

ahmed hendawib, , ali hamed el bastawissyb, a mathematics department, college of science, king saud university, saudi arabiab information systems department, faculty of computers and information, cairo university, cairo, egyptreceived 19 september 2010, accepted 23 february 2011, available online 8 may 2011abstractextraction–transformation–loading (etl) tools are pieces of software responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, its cleansing, customization, reformatting, integration, and insertion into a data warehouse. all proposals from one specified department mailed in the date range entered by the user.

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Impact of a data warehouse model for improved decision-making

maintains an internal database/smartgrant query system known as the ogca data warehouse (formerly jordan-on-line or jol). many data warehouses also incorporate data from non-oltp systems, such as text files, legacy systems, and spreadsheets.

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ETL Process Modeling Conceptual for Data Warehouses: A

this research will try to find a formal representation model for capturing the etl processes that map the incoming data from different dss to be in a suitable format for loading to the target dw or dm. etl tools are a category of specialized tools with the task of dealing with data warehouse homogeneity, cleaning, transforming, and loading problems (shilakes and tylman, 1998).

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as data sources change, the data warehouse will periodically updated. to interpret the resulting data and the statuses and award warnings fields.

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all proposals (awarded and unawarded) in one specified college (mbu) mailed in the date range entered by the user. to build a dw we must run the etl tool which has three tasks: (1) data is extracted from different data sources, (2) propagated to the data staging area where it is transformed and cleansed, and then (3) loaded to the data warehouse.

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extractionthe first step in any etl scenario is data extraction. the generic data warehouse architecture consists of three layers (data sources, dsa, and primary data warehouse) (inmon, 2002 and vassiliadis, 2000).

A proposed model for data warehouse ETL processes

Research Problems in Data Warehousing

the etl extraction step is responsible for extracting data from the source systems. etl is often a complex combination of process and technology that consumes a significant portion of the data warehouse development efforts and requires the skills of business analysts, database designers, and application developers.

  the data warehouse allows users to see where in the overall process a proposal or award is currently, including whether a proposal has been submitted to the sponsor or an award has been sent to accounting. introductiona data warehouse (dw) is a collection of technologies aimed at enabling the decision maker to make better and faster decisions.

each data source has its distinct set of characteristics that need to be managed in order to effectively extract data for the etl process. the process needs to effectively integrate systems that have different platforms, such as different database management systems, different operating systems, and different communications protocols.

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