Research proposal on floods


A plan for research on floods and their mitigation in the United States.

numerous historic flood marks along the german rhine and sedimentary data of the youngest 2000 years contain valuable information on past extreme floods.

Research Proposal | City of Water

in this interdisciplinary project we combine sedimentary and written archives from the delta with state-of-the-art reconstructions and 2d modeling of past events to quantify magnitudes of large historic floods of the lower rhine.

The Proposal for the Project on the Management of Floods in Urban

Dave Loebsack wants Iowa to be the site of a National Flood Center to help study and prevent floods.

Flood risk management in Ghana: A case study in Accra

city, iowa (kcrg-tv9) congressman dave loebsack wants iowa to be the site of a national flood center to help study and prevent floods.

Research Proposal | City of Water

Flood Resilience | UNESCO-IHE

university’s research focus area future deltas has been awarded four new research proposals.

Proposal - Flood risk management - Environment - European

“we’ve got to look at floods in a comprehensive way,” he said.

Assessment of urban vulnerability towards floods using an indicator

University’s research focus area Future Deltas has been awarded four new research proposals.