How to Write a Research Monograph: Basics

often, introductory chapters or the introductory materials in specific chapters will provide an overview of the ways in which the monograph draws upon and deviates from previous literature.

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indicates the tradition in which the author writes about the past.

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it has to do with the intellectual approach taken to the subject, the school of historical thought from which the author writes, and the assumptions, values, or analytical framework employed.

Elements of a Monograph

there are as many ways to write a monograph as there are authors to write them, there are nonetheless common elements in all critical monographs of which readers should be aware.

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as a reader, it is often quite helpful to be able to separate one's critique into these two categories, because horribly-told stories can often turn out to be the most important research monographs of their time.

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argument is the system of logic employed by the author in order to prove the monograph's thesis.

Monograph Series

the reader should look for differences between the monograph and studies which have come before; usually, these historiographical debates with the previous literature appear in footnotes, but sometimes they also appear within the text itself.

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thesis is the central "point" of the monograph, the hypothesis the author is attempting to prove.

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in order to engage in a critical reading of a monograph, the reader should be able to identify and critique these elements.

if people tell you that your monograph "reads better in french," this might be a gentle hint that you have created a great work of research and a lesser work of storytelling.

this is not merely a summary of the story told by the author, but instead recreates the logical structure that the author has put together to prove the monograph's point.

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many monographs which are excellent examples of research are much less successful examples of storytelling; the opposite is also often true.