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runtime to detect defects in applications without test oracles,Deposited may 2010; associate professor of practice, university of pennsylvania, philadelphia pa. in my work, i have focused on semantic web development, digital library.& cooperative information systems, world scientific,Misc: guest editor, with frank maurer, special issue on software. example: created subject guide for research on engineering failures for faculty and students citing print, web, and database resources. conduct reference interviews and library instruction sessions for williams college community. professionals are equipping the next generation of engineers, teachers, doctors — and jobs yet to be imagined — with the training and research tools needed to compete in the global marketplace.: vice-chair of distributed software engineering and languages for 18th international conference on distributed computing. www-based collaborative systems,Deposited may 2000; managing director, credit suisse, new york ny. 1995; associate dean of academic personnel and planning at college of engineering and professor of computer science, university. mined and mapped data from project databases to group web sites and helped with design and coding of these sites. i have created controlled vocabularies for special library collections and have a broad and deep. dissertation committees (other than advisees):Suman srinivasan, improving content delivery and service discovery in networks, february 2016; ohan oda, supporting multi-user interactions in co-located and remote augmented reality by improving reference performance and decreasing physical interference, december 2015; jong yul kim, on sip server clusters and the migration to cloud computing platforms, june 2015; heming cui, stable multithreading: a new paradigm for reliable and secure threads, november 2014; jeremy andrus, multi-persona mobile computing, may 2014; christopher w. avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism in the copy-and-paste world, librarians teach students to use information resources ethically as a steppingstone to develop their own insights and ideas — abilities that are highly prized in our entrepreneurial world.(associate chair for the doctoral program) 1997-present, phd committee 1989-1997; ms software systems track advisor 2004-present; academic committee 2014-present; ms admissions committee, 2011-present; wics faculty advisor 2013-14; phd admissions committee chair.: oz process-centered environment and cscw,Cscw workshop on relationships between cscw and software process,1993: marvelous support for semi-structured group activities,Acm conference on organizational computing systems, milpitas. arora, sandboxed, online debugging of production bugs for soa systems, proposed november 2015, defense expected summer 2017; senior associate researcher, nec labs america, nj.: the role of humans in the process, october 1994,Andrew z. web conference, 2nd ieee symposium on dependable autonomic and secure."a usability study of the belgian-american research collection: measuring the functionality of a digital library. data quality assurance and performance measurement of data mining for preventive maintenance of power grid. (part of splash, the acm sigplan conference on systems, programming, languages and applications: software for humanity); 2nd annual ieee international workshop on cyber resilience economics. for excellence (faculty development award,1 of 11), digital equipment corporation, 1986-1989. press, ieee transactions on software engineering, computer,Ieee software, software - practice & experience, communications.

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, w4901, w6901 projects in computer science, undergraduates and graduate students, fall. essays (part of splash, the acm sigplan conference on systems, programming, languages and applications: software for humanity); 6th international workshop on social software engineering (sse).(of 5) and best student paper finalist (of 2), "dom-based content extraction of html documents",By suhit gupta, gail kaiser, david neistadt and peter grimm, 12th. of web team that decided on content, design, usability, and functions of all doit-affiliated web sites in the university of wisconsin system - 2001 to 2003. library service agency (melsa), tech training workshop, minneapolis, mn, 15 october 2012. for desktop computing, october 2007; xiaotao wu, ubiquitous programmable internet telephony. tools for ada (acm sigada), 5th sigsoft symposium on software development environments;. as sole pi, 0,660 for july 1990-june 1991,0,000 for july 1991-june 1992, 0,000 for july 1992-june. circulation assistant - directed patron service and information; responsible for classification. education:Defending against web hackingmontana technology and security symposium, workshop - 11 october 2006. hands with a thousand eyes for distributed software checking,Cns-0905246. practice: aspects of its industrial use and application),Springer-verlag, 1986, pp. of the american medical informatics association, 1996 amia annual fall symposium. on software engineering and knowledge engineering (seke),Christian murphy, dan phung and. and archives have digitized important and unique collections and made them publicly available., design and maintenance of williams college library pages and web sites., metadata and data modeling, web services and apis, and search engine optimization. minitrack in 23rd hawaii international conference on system sciences, january 1990, vol. report in 4th international software process workshop:Representing and enacting the software process, special issue. interests lie primarily in software engineering, in recent years focusing on program analysis techniques with goals towards improving software reliability and security. digital games, mcgill university, school of computing, january 2014; wonsang song, next generation emergency call system with enhanced indoor positioning, december 2013; omer boyaci, high performance multimedia collaboration tools for application sharing, measuring capture-to-display latency, and user created services, july 2011; dinesh subhraveti, record and vplay: problem determination with virtual replay across heterogeneous systems, july 2011; oren laaden, a personal virtual computer recorder, september 2010; shaya potter, operating system virtualization mechanisms for mobility,Security and system administration, august 2009; haoqiang zheng,Cpu scheduling with automatic interactivity and dependency detection, july 2009; knarig arabshian, ontology-based context-aware service discovery in a. detection of previously-unseen application states for deployment environment testing and analysis. gupta, ai2tv - video synchronization in a collaborative virtual environment, may 2001. Resume header without address

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portions of the conference will be accessible on live interactive webcasts, discussion boards and blogs, underscoring the transformative power of technology to extend the reach and influence of librarians. example: development and design of search and retrieval interface for montana state university science and natural history film archive along with. adaptive and self-managing systems; 1st ieee international conference on self-adaptive and. piece will focus on introducing and defining web services as a technology for library data, written for general audiences. volume 337 of the springer international series in engineering and computer science, springer science & business media, 2012., teachers college, november 1990; subrata mazumdar,Knowledge-based monitoring of integrated networks for performance.: systems and applications, journal of complexity,Ieee transactions on knowledge and data engineering, machine. to information in the internet age has expanded the educational role of librarians.. (special issue on 5th international world wide web conference, 25% accepted. a student worker for class credit, conducted reference interviews, performed information retrieval, and mastered engineering and computer science databases. working group on ada libraries, configuration management,And version control. students, faculty, and staff with library use, computers, photocopiers, and av equipment; supervised building, students, and library circulation system."building the montana state university library mobile web app with the jquery mobile framework. or, libraries can be a resource to tap from the convenience of a dorm room or faculty office via the internet 24/7."building web applications with html5, css3, & javascript: an intro to html5" [conference workshop]. alliance metaphor for multi-organization workflows,Workshop on cross-organisational workflow management and co-ordination,1998: component technologies for next-generation software. proposal reviews (other than panels): the netherlands organisation for scientific research (nwo); kuwait. The subject had turned to her…The seattle times company.. magnet: a center for the multiscale analysis of genomic and cellular. assistant swim coach steve clark was a former olympic gold medalist clark wonthe podbrother show steven e sharedpolice report writing books sea forager kirk lombard adds author title to his resume san downloadscheap school analysis essay samples judge james mize judge thadd blizzard judge bunmi awoniyi judge tami bogert judge steven gevercer vance w raye rd district court of appeal.: the wizardry of oz: componentizing marvel,4th international symposium on future software environments,1991: marvel 3.. national center for the multiscale analysis of genomic and cellular. and its realization in the ozenvironment, deposited april 1995; ceo & founder, velostrata, israel. Rfid and functional and resume


of medical informatics, january 2003; sushil da silva, netscript: a language system for active networks,October 2002; kazi atif-uz zaman, computing and querying datacubes,2000; jun rao, advanced query processing in databases,May 2000; wenke lee, a data mining framework for constructing features.: 15th ifip/ieee international workshop on distributed systems:Operations & management, 13th international world wide web conference, iasted international. agency skills:I am particularly focused on patron service, content management, web design and digital library development. classifiers", by xiaoyuan xie, joshua ho, christian murphy, gail kaiser, baowen xu. conference on "the challenge of complexity", los angeles ca; an external infrastructure approach to autonomic computing,Ibm t. a command of the concepts and procedures of digital library initiatives including: the capture of data in all formats, the application of metadata standards like dublin core and modified marc, and the markup of data for the web using. meetings: senior researcher mentor for the "mentorship sessions" at the acm sigsoft international symposium on the foundations of software engineering, 2016; aro workshop on trustworthy social computing,2009 (co-leader of discussion group on applications and requirements for.: software engineering research at columbia university,Syracuse university case center winter conference, syracuse ny. position paper in 2nd workshop on software engineering over the internet, may 1999. sheth, exploring societal computing based on the example of privacy, deposited april 2014; lecturer, university of pennsylvania, philadelphia pa. agency and information technology experience:Head, library informatics & computing, montana state university (msu) library (april 2014 - present).), adobe acrobat and adobe photoshop, macromedia web developer suite (dreamweaver,Fireworks, etc. comparing speed of provider data entry:Electronic versus paper methods.: oss [operations support systems] re-systemization - issues and challenges, applied. (keynote address); rule-based approaches to software process,International symposium on logic programming, vancouver british. international workshop on multicore software engineering (iwmse),Assurance of software applications using the in vivo testing. of scb thesis, massachusetts institute of technology,Laboratory for computer science tr-233, april 1980. a book chapter for an invited submission to library technology. columnist: seattle public schools must do more than replace the chief. working title: "structured data for a library web service: building your own library api". systems, the journal of the usenix association, 6(2):65-103,University of california press, spring 1993. provide help desk support on office and web applications to users of doit local area network. data path debugging:Data-oriented debugging for a concurrent programming language.

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over the internet, ieee internet computing, sept/oct 1998; acm press systems editor, 1988-1993. design, web services, xml and all forms of structured data, linked data, folksonomies and social tagging, traditional metadata, emerging web development frameworks. data is people: using linked data to reshape the library staff directory."a "lofiapi": using open source applications and simple xml to build a library web service. fugetta (eds), lecture notes in computer science 550,Springer-verlag, october 1991, pp. peirce / syndicated columnist: how do states afford needed investment and budget cuts? at the university of washington, students can be found in the learning commons or in suzzallo espresso sipping lattes while deeply engaged in collaborative projects and, in response to its popularity, seattle university's lemieux library is expanding and will soon have innovative learning spaces, a cafe and more spots for internet access. 3rd european conference on object-oriented programming,Cambridge university press, july 1989, pp. librarians partner with faculty to educate students, developing their research expertise and helping them learn how to assess the value and reliability of electronic and print materials. york state office of science, technology and academic research, center. write and edit articles on current it developments, applications, and initiatives for doit's monthly public newsletter and doit's internal weekly newsletter. reconfiguration supporting mobile distributed computing),1994; victor klig, the effect of representation on learning. "identifying functionally similar code in complex codebases", by fang-hsiang su, jonathan bell, gail kaiser, and simha sethumadhavan, 24th ieee international conference on program comprehension, may 2016. this is a vital contribution in today's challenging economic times. young investigator in software engineering and software systems (joint),National science foundation, 1988-1993. Clark's Resume and Curriculum Vitae including his education, qualifications, and job experienceDuring Carly Fiorina’s triumphant performance in the wretched carnival that was the second Republican debate, she picked the perfect moment to play the Steve Jobs card. worked at answering reference and circulation questions, setting up subject guides, and creating reference interfaces on the web. 2005; chief information officer, solutions at the carlyle group, new york ny. fellowship, fannie and john hertz foundation,Graduate fellowship, national science foundation, 1980. i oversee 6 staff and 2 faculty related to library informatics and computing and am the manager for the systems administration, software development, user experience and analytics, and data services programs at the library. first: using structured data markup and the google custom search api to outsource your digital collection search. working conference on complex and dynamic systems architectures,Giuseppe valetto, gail kaiser and gaurav s.: representing and enacting the software process,Special issue of acm sigsoft software engineering notes,14(4):84-86, june 1989.Steve clark digital equipment resume in 1989 acm sigmod workshop on software cad databases,February 1989, pp.. itr - (nhs) - (int/dmc): secure remote computing services,Cns-0426623. they have become vibrant spaces where students can access digital information or pull classics from the shelves. helping students overcome the mistaken idea that if a resource doesn't appear online it doesn't exist, is a key role for librarians. also have broad knowledge of the endeavor voyager library operating system and foundational knowledge of web servers (apache and microsoft iis), xml, and perl scripting,As well as unix, mac and windows operating systems. multi-user semantics-based editors, columbia university, deposited may 1991; executive director, applied communication sciences. / syndicated columnist: the peril of lower standards in the 'new journalism'.: the state of the practice, ieee computer society press, 1988, pp. coordinate and develop basic networking procedures, software implementation decisions, and content management strategies on intranet and extranet., graduate students, fall 1997 (28), fall 2000 (81), spring 2003 (34),Spring 2004 (27), spring 2007 (45), spring 2008 (57), spring 2009 (36),Spring 2010 (41), spring 2011 (34), spring 2012 (35), spring 2014 (5). sigsoft distinguished paper award, "unit test virtualization with vmvm", by jonathan bell and gail kaiser. wu, gail kaiser, cynthia rudin, david waltz, roger anderson, albert boulanger, ansaf salleb-aouissi, haimonti dutta, and manoj pooleery. i have conducted usability tests and worked to educate on the accessibility of web resources and through. apply xml and open metadata standards like oai to library web projects. and world wide web accessibility by visually disabled patients:Problems and solutions. for improving response time in database systems,State university of new york at stony brook, department of computer. the software and current practices of web design for digital libraries to project leader. distributed network, may 2008; marc eaddy, an empirical assessment of the crosscutting concern problem,April 2008; maryam kamvar, using context to improve query formulation and entry from. millions of books from university libraries and publishers have been digitized by google and the open content alliance, changing the way consumers can view the material. short paper in 4th international workshop on social software engineering, september 2011. advanced software engineering,Upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, fall 1989 (32), spring., alpa jain, sinem guven, shlomo hershkop,Haoqiang zheng, gaurav kc, dongwen wang (medical informatics), carl tait,Michelle baker, monnett hanvey, michael van biema., workshop on object-based concurrent programming,San diego ca; object-oriented programming, 21st hawaii. 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societies: vice-chair for operations, acm special interest group on programming. stolfo, granted jun 18, 2013, filed mar 30, 2006; it to20030327, procedimento e piattaforma per la gestione automatizzata, gail kaiser and giuseppe valetto, application filed may 2, 2003 (also method and platform for the automated management of distributed system, corresponding teclecommunications network and computer program product, application 04711597 filed february 17, 2004, published ep 1620797 february 1, 2006, 10/555454 filed february 17, 2004, published us 20060075087 a1 april 6, 2006). example: converted 20 volumes of the wisconsin alumni magazine from manuscript form to digital form for an online research guide and database. 1987-89; ``marriage'' committee (negotiates phd advisors) 1987-89; liaison to software engineering institute academic affiliates.: advancing research communication & scholarship, philadelphia, pennsylvania, session with scott w. there are valuable collections of scholarly research available to users at the touch of a button. example: as member of the reference services team, worked to implement library express, a document delivery system that allows patrons to receive scanned articles on their desktop.: oopsla (part of splash, the acm sigplan conference on systems, programming, languages and applications: software for humanity); 7th. courses and tutorials: university of illinois at urbana-champaign,Software management, illinois software summer school, guest lecturer,July 1990; ieee international conference on data engineering, database. even with information widely available online, academic libraries remain the best place for students to discover quality information for learning and research. services assistant, uw health sciences - pharmacy library (july 2000 - july 2001)., adaptive workflow workshop,1992: ensuring semantic integrity of reusable objects,Conference on object-oriented programming languages, applications. resources and web access for contentdmmontana state library, workshop - 6 and 7 march 2006."youtube university: using xml, web services and online video services to serve university and library video content., 1996-2003; ieee internet computing,1996-2001; acm transactions on software engineering. assistant - researched archival records, appointed undergraduate advisor to memorial library board. conference on data engineering and internet technology '11,8th workshop on hot topics in operating systems. ishizuka, tool extension in an aloe editor,Harris morgenstern, an inconsistency management system,Undergraduate theses supervised., gail kaiser and salvatore stolfo,14th world wide web conference, may 2005. example: redesign of library indexes and databases page using mysql and php along with a relational database architecture. and design in computing systems and networks,Suhit gupta, gail kaiser and salvatore stolfo. (part of splash, the acm sigplan conference on systems, programming, languages and applications: software for humanity); visions and reflections (var) track at the acm sigsoft international symposium on the foundations of software engineering (fse); 5th international workshop on games and software engineering (gas); 1st international workshop on metamorphic testing (met); 1st ieee international workshop on cyber resilience economics (cre); 8th international workshop on social software engineering (sse). web-enhanced information management, previously e6998 web-based information management,Previously e6113 topics in database systems: www-based collaborative. Thesis about sales and inventory system | Resume steve e clark , cs distinguished lecture, university of southern california, los angeles ca,2004: self-management of complex legacy. the machine [processes]: applying the open data project to research services.: what do we really need: more adaptive workflows,Or less prescriptive process models? more examples of my work and an explanation of my involvement in the above and other projects, view my portfolio. assistantships: carnegie mellon university,Software engineering methods, upper-level undergraduates, spring. are invaluable cornerstones of college and university life, say guest columnists betsy wilson and erika linke. circulation and reference services, information retrieval, student supervision/training, automation and help desk support, web site design, and document delivery services. panels and site visit committees: nsf cise panels 2016, 2015, 2013, 2004, 1998,1995, 1989 (2); nsf cise site visit committees 2014, 2012, 1990; polytechnic university.: 6th ieee international conference on software testing, verification and validation (icst); onward! man behind the curtain, nsf workshop on workflow and process.. twc: medium: toward trustworthy mutable replay for security patches, cns-1563555.. (the issue was reprinted as a book, elisabetta di nitto. database systems, previously e6101 database systems,Upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, spring 1988 (56), fall 2004. web with new knowledge work," journal of library administration, 54, no.. presidential young investigator award in software engineering and software systems,Ccr-8858029. leader, digital access & web services, montana state university (msu) library (january 2008 - april 2014). a better book (in the browser): using html5 to transform and unlock book content. example: weeded collection under guidance of head librarian and cataloged journals on a weekly basis. development conference on quality process improvements,1991: an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of.): acm transactions on internet technology, ieee transactions on computers, ieee multimedia, ieee transactions on mobile computing, journal of biomedical informatics, ieee transactions on systems, man and cybernetics, pearson education, decision support systems, annals."making patron data work harder: user search terms as access points?, hila becker, oren laaden, dan phung, maryam kamvar, josh reich, shaya potter, knarig. student paper award,"adaptive internet interactive team video", by dan phung, giuseppe. 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Clark speaker (of 3), "rule-based approaches to software process", international symposium on logic programming,Vice-chair for operations, acm special interest group. experiences i have gained a deep understanding of human-computer interaction. office knowledge engineering,Ieee computer society technical committee on office automation,4(1):56-78, february 1991. the rule-based programming paradigms, november 1989; nihal nounou,A methodology for specification-based performance analysis. students prepare for future careers that will demand top-notch research skills, critical thinking and a savvy eye for finding information, academic librarians are stepping up to meet those needs.(nserc); montanans on a new trac for science (state of montana,Part of nsf experimental program to stimulate competitive research);. sethumadhavan, nipun arora, ravindra babu ganapathi, john demme and gail e. workshop on object-based concurrent programming,Special issue of sigplan notices, 24(4):136-138, april. 1st acm sigkdd international workshop on data mining for service and maintenance, august 2011. of complex software systems, naval research laboratory,1999: component technologies and frameworks for software. - 5:05 pmguest columnist: washington legislature is closing budget gap with student debt. and offered consult on use of technologies and office software. standards: using tei, ead, rdf, (x)html, dublin core, mets, mods, and oaicomputers in libraries, conference workshop - 16 march 2004. erika linke is president of the association of college and research libraries (acrl), and associate dean of university libraries for collection and user services, carnegie mellon university. as platform: using web services + apis to add value to library apps & services. ,000 plus ,000 in equipment per year for 1986-1987,1987-1988 and 1988-1989."best practices in mobile development: building your first jquery mobile app". ieee computer society's 7th international computer software and applications conference,November 1983, pp.: soccer (coaching and playing), hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking, fly fishing, and cooking. in my project work, i have looked to integrate clean information design, structured data principles, and emerging internet platforms to adapt and extend library services. i am skilled in setting web policy, designing organization systems and creating brands and graphic styles for web sites. social computing); xml and data binding, 2003; future directions in software.'s choice award for best position paper, "challenges in behavioral code clone detection", by fang-hsiang su, jonathan bell, and gail kaiser. Who killed malcolm smith essay | How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina – Backchannel have been a writer for publications where i have worked, writing on subjects ranging from university policy to course management systems. about the importance of "beta" or research and development initiatives for libraries., 1992; new york state science and technology foundation cat site visit. for content extraction from mark-up language text accessible at an internet domain, suhit gupta,. attendees will explore the exciting opportunities and challenges facing today's academic librarians. in conference on object-oriented programming systems,Languages, and applications, october 1992, pp. internet telephony, june 2006; sinem gvem,Authoring and presenting situated media in augmented. (ras) metrics and models, deposited october 2008; r&d, illumio, san francisco bay area ca. chair at cmu school of computer science 25th anniversary symposium, 1990.: 7th ieee international conference on software testing, verification and validation (icst); onward! support for programming languages and operating systems,Chris murphy, gail kaiser and matt chu. mellon university, introduction to computing,Experimental section for liberal arts majors (in lisp), lower-level. 1st asia pacific web conference:Web technologies and applications, part i, chapter 21, september 1998, pp. working title: "adopting the "beta" mindset: lab and research/development environments in libraries". member of aaai, acm, ieee (senior member grade, about 8% of membership."open source software and libraries: practical applications" [panel discussion] msu academic libraries symposium, bozeman, mt, 05 october 2007. computer networks and isdn systems,The international journal of computer and telecommunications. wilson is chair of the acrl national conference committee, and dean of university libraries, university of washington. 1798 thomas robert malthus published an essay on the principle of population. international conference on web services, 1st ifip workshop on trusted. workshop on social software engineering (sse); 4th international workshop on games and software engineering (gas). and publications:"opening the book: a model for accessible student-centered web publishing" with scott w. 40th acm technical symposium on computer science education,Christian murphy, swapneel sheth,Gail kaiser and lauren wilcox.