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scientists who largely agree with pinker’s point of view have chastised him publicly for bringing up the topic—evidently either because they fear that discussing human nature in a popular book will generate misunderstandings, or because they are simply unwilling to believe that anyone still takes the blank slate seriously. observed pinker:modern intellectual life is suffused with a relativism that denies that there is such a thing as a universal human nature, and the existence of a language instinct in any form challenges that denial. i’ll simply say that i just don’t think it’s fair to criticize pinker without being clear about what exactly it is you expect from him w/r/t his social responsibility. to pinker, this somehow amounts to a dubious and unacceptable infringement of women’s choices.” when did you first get the idea for this collection of essays attempting to bridge that gulf? what i am trying to say in this article, is that it should make zero difference in how we treat people, ever, but unfortunately supposed “evidence”, true or not true, influences how people think about issues such as race, gender and class, and reinforces stereotypes. from a pragmatic point of view, the most serious weakness of pinker’s thesis is its reliance on the logic of evolutionary psychology. one of the first things pinker says is the following:There are obvious political colorings to it, and i want to begin with a confession of my own politics. while stephen hawking is seen as someone who has not contributed to science in a long time, and richard dawkins is caustic, pinker presents itself as a scientist that never left the lab. (for instance, it seems that pinker lost his faith in anarchism after the montreal police strike of 1969 led to widespread looting and destruction of property. there are way too many factors that create the gender gap in science careers. for those implicit or explicit anti-feminists, stephen pinker is somewhat of a hero who is referenced so often, he even made it onto the evolutionary psychology bingo card, which feminists enjoy very much.

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pinker’s insistence on biological difference between the sexes suggests that women are inherently less suited to physics and math, while knausgaard’s contention that he only considers one female novelist worthy of competition implies that men are more literary than women. literature the blank slate by steven pinker kevin shapiro 2002-12-01 kevin shapiro / dec. entry was posted in science and tagged biology, discrimination, elizabeth spelke, evolutionary psychology, feminism, gender equality, steven pinker, the bell curve. 1, 20023shares facebook twitter google+ email print a the blank slate: the modern denial of human nature by steven pinker viking. but doing further research on the topic i found something related to a topic very dear to me… his opinion on the gender gap in science careers. i do not mean to say that this is pinker’s intention, but that these are the consequences that can easily be drawn from such claims. knausgaard’s multi-volume autobiographical novel, which i admire and say so loudly and clearly in my essay, is an outpouring of unedited angst about emasculation (among many other things) that reveals a lot about how heterosexual masculinity is constituted in contemporary culture., the theme of gender discrimination was picked up by other scribblers. also, the gender gap starts in middle-school and the reasons girls drop of science in middle-school are not the same as women in their 20’s vs tenure-track professors. pinker states that there is scientific evidence for the assumption that women are biologically slightly less inclined or capable to be math professors, what does this mean politically? reality, traditional jews, christians, and other faith communities now face a shared cultural and political threat: a transformed understanding of “the separation of church and state,” which seeks to impose the acceptance of progressive mores (such as same-sex marriage, gender fluidity, and sexual liberation) by force of law. norman podhoretz, in his classic 1982 commentary essay “j’accuse,” said it best: “the bible tells us that god commanded the ancient israelites to ‘choose life,’ and it also suggests that for a nation, the choice of life often involves choosing the sacrifices and horrors of war.

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these are the questions steven pinker tackles in a passionately argued defense of the thesis that the natural history of our species places powerful constraints on who we are and how we think. so basically if you expect pinker, me or anybody to have an explanation that leads to an easy solution… well that is not going to happen anytime soon. pinker acknowledges that social factors play a role in this issue but argued that because of biology women do not go into engineering and hard science fields. we are to believe declan fahy’s premise steven pinker is an influential person. the ultimate aim, as jonathan last explained in a 2015 weekly standard essay, is assimilation: to demand that every american institution adopt the new morality as its own, and to treat any opposition to post-traditional norms and lifestyles as a form of religious backwardness so dangerous to the public good that it requires activist legal intervention to eradicate it. comment on “steven pinker or according to him how evolutionary psychology “explains” the gender gap in science”. though the examples he presented are real, correlation is not causation, pinker you should know better. soloveichik politics & ideas ideology isn’t the problem, ted koppel noah rothman culture & civilization the xx factor claire lehmann the blank slate by steven pinkermust-reads from magazine conservatives & republicans jewish conservatism: a manifesto eric cohen & aylana meisel 2017-04-07 eric cohen & aylana meisel / apr. though he has talked about this topic on several occasions i think the best example available is a debate between elizabeth spelke and pinker after harvard’s president said that women are outperformed in science because of biological factors. pinker continues to explain there are three positions one could take. to this doctrine pinker credits a number of bromides that enjoy wide currency, among them the notions that crime is caused by discrimination or abuse; that gender roles are learned; and that violent behavior can be picked up from television and video games. pinker’s view, in sum, our evolutionary history has saddled us with a host of more and less problematic quirks, ranging from gang violence to teenage angst—and even to the widespread popularity, much lamented by art critics, of realist landscape paintings.

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she concentrates on the actual issue, the under-representation of women in science, saying: “notice that i am not saying the genders are indistinguishable, that men and women are alike in every way, or even that men and women have identical cognitive profiles. in both of them, pinker lobbed his arguments with verve and alacrity at the most popular alternative view: that the mind is essentially silly putty, and that commonalities and differences in how people think can be traced to commonalities and differences in their environments. perhaps a generation that sought in its youth to rewrite the rules of marriage, child rearing, and even gender suddenly find themselves in the unwelcome role of middle-aged bureaucrats enforcing those new rules., pinker takes care to argue that evolutionary success does not equal moral justification. in pinker’s view, the ghost in the machine arises out of one of our deepest anxieties about studying human nature: namely, the fear that free will may turn out to be only an illusion, as it would seemingly have to be if our behavior is determined by nothing more than electrical activity in the brain. in fact, pinker doesn’t even find it necessary to give biological evidence for these claims, only statistics that say nothing about the nature-nurture debate. people – may well be justified, at least according to the scientific evidence that pinker provides. pinker is one of those rare writers who is at once persuasive and comprehensive, informative and entertaining. book’s central essay, “the delusions of certainty” treats the intractable mind/body problem from multiple perspectives. pinker writes that the persistence of theories like the ghost, the savage, and the slate is related to this kind of existential anxiety: the fear that our lives have no meaning or purpose; the fear that all men are not really equal; the fear that our nature, if it exists, is deeply and permanently flawed. in collecting essays about painting, dance, and novels in the same work as pieces about neuroscience, physics, and physiology, she offers an example of how the disciplines might not just coexist, but how that coexistence is essential to our understanding of how we learn and what we think.’s dark agenda: disturbing gender identity with pink nail polish.

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    enter morality, consciousness, and free will: elusive quantities whose origins still remain wrapped in substantial mystery and before whose so far unknowable operations even the garrulous and knowing steven pinker must in the end fall silent. an exclusive preview of his book the stuff of thought, steven pinker looks at language and how it expresses what goes on in our minds — and how the words we choose communicate much more than we realize. even if pinker tried to anticipate the myriad potential consequences of his research, he would fall on his face, just as darwin would have had he tried to do so. in fact, i would go so far as to say that pinker is for fans of evo psych what judith butler is for the lgbtq community. however, i have not called scientific arguments “naive”, but pinker’s comment that scientific studies do not influence the way we think and make political decisions. so you can see why it is problematic that someone with as much influence as him thinks the gender gap in science careers is due to innate characteristics. it’s not pinker’s job to sit around going through the (extremely complicated) normative implications of his arguments. in a chapter on gender, pinker admonishes the bioethicist leon kass for suggesting that many women are unhappy postponing marriage to pursue careers. and as aryeh klapper argued in a provocative essay in jewish ideas daily a few years ago, the two-parent/all-hours work life that is often required to finance such an education means that mothers and fathers often have less energy and less time to engage (jewishly or otherwise) with their own children.: you interweave anecdotes about your daughter, sophie, with your ideas about art, neuroscience, and gender – i’m curious how sophie’s experience as a young woman in the world reflects or contradicts your own experience, and also how it may have informed these essays – in other words, are things getting better? to those worried that giving up the ghost absolves wrongdoers of responsibility for their actions by chalking up sin to biology, pinker poses the alternative of “environmental determinism,” the popular but ultimately ridiculous idea that antisocial behavior can be explained, and excused, as the result of a troubled childhood—or, as the jets in west side story put it, “we’re depraved on accounta we’re deprived. first of all i have written previously about how the gender gap in science careers has not moved a tiny bit in ten years.

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    beings are prone to dividing the world in two and creating gender identifications for all sorts of things that are inherently neither male nor female. and i have to point out that pinker is either negligent or incredibly naive when he states that  “none of this provides grounds for ignoring the biases and barriers that do keep women out of science”, because – unfortunately – for many it does.’s dark agenda: disturbing gender identity with pink nail polish. instead, she started writing short stories and light essays, most of them about her life with scott, making no attempt to produce anything more ambitious. an exclusive preview of his book The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker looks at language and how it expresses what goes on in our minds -- and how the words we choose communicate much more than we realize. the results of this study indicate a gender bias for both men and women in preference for male job applicants. pinker or according to him how evolutionary psychology “explains” the gender gap in science. clearly, if pinker’s program is on the right track, that idea is wrong-headed. the cluster of sexual issues—abortion and homosexuality, sexism and transgender rights—now seems to be the only thing that can get liberal hearts started in the morning, and rare is the subject that won’t call them to mind. pinker, however, believes that the blank slate has had socially and morally disastrous consequences, and he devotes the considerable force of his talent to demolishing it. i am also confused by pinker’s refusal to acknowledge any sort of bias from parents and teachers. the essays in the book were all written over a four-year period, and i was fully conscious of what i regard as something of a mission: to demonstrate that tunnel vision in individual fields creates dead ends.
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      the same claims were made about different races, for instance if pinker had claimed that caucasians have biologically superior spatial or mathematical ability than black people, then people would call this racism.: you take on two very popular writers: the psychologist steven pinker and the novelist karl ove knausgaard, pointing out sexist assumptions underlying both of their work. so why does he not give the same benefit of the doubt to kass, whose only substantive difference from pinker on this point seems to be that he has failed to consider the dynamics of mating among australopithecenes? naturally, i’m intrigued, so i googled around for a bit and came across an interesting debate from 2005 between pinker and his fellow psychologist elizabeth spelke regarding the “science of gender and science”. for all of its cheerleading about body positivity, gender fluidity, and diversity, the cultural left evinces a surprising moral squeamishness about incorrect bodily desires—such as the fierce yearning of an aging woman who wants to bear children but can’t. moreover, though pinker sees dualism as allied with the blank slate, it is in fact compatible with almost any theory about what constitutes human nature—provided one has an account for how the ghost got in the machine in the first place. his argument that the small numbers of women in physics and mathematics can be partly explained through a natural lack of ability in these fields is rather easily dismantled when examined closely, and i am hardly alone in offering severe criticism of pinker’s work. pinker begins by laying out what he takes as the central tenets—and obvious flaws—of the blank slate theory as well as of its two most important corollaries, the noble savage and the ghost in the machine. entry was posted on 21/05/2015 by pvincentruz in books, papers and reviews, postprintreview, science and society and tagged gender balance, gender equality, steven pinker, the new celebrity scientists. Journal of Significant Thought and Opinion“every person on earth is both a beneficiary and a victim of scientific invention,” siri hustvedt writes in her new essay collection, a woman looking at men looking at women.”seven: the jewish fight against anti-semitismthe podhoretz essay was written in the aftermath of the lebanon war, in direct response to a torrent of ideological assaults on the modern jewish state in the new york times, the washington post, and elsewhere. pinker questions the very nature of our thoughts — the way we use words, how we learn, and how we relate to others.
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      however, once the knowledge about biologically innate gender differences is out there (assuming such knowledge exists of course)…. writing that sentence, pinker has marshaled a panoply of other evidence to support this challenge. pinker’s arguments are the following (paraphrasing them on the header but giving exact quotes afterward):1.: you are right that i believe both steven pinker and karl ove knausgaard are hampered by their sexism, but i do not think they should be lumped into the same category. pinker or according to him how evolutionary psychology "explains" the gender gap in science. this is an argument, pinker thinks, not for throwing up our hands in the face of iniquity, but rather for taking criminal justice seriously. in this way, as jean-paul sartre explained in his classic essay “anti-semite and jew,” hating jews becomes a positive morality: a way of healing the world by assaulting and removing the jews who infect it.) in short, pinker uses everything he can think of to make the case for an inborn and largely immutable human nature. your criticisms of pinker and the bell curve study are kind of vague. questioning the blank slate—which is how pinker refers to the “silly putty” view—is more than unpopular; for many, it is seen as bordering on immoral. pinker and many others make such claims about women; and everyone, even female scientists, accredits them for their thinking and nobody considers this to be sexism. issue here is not only or ultimately about same-sex marriage, transgender rights, or other current controversies.
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