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they visit 1944 on d-day where they witness "double d-day" as big-breasted females in bikinis cause the germans to stop shooting while the warrant song "cherry pie" plays.

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lois drives stewie home from a birthday party, the boy is inadvertently exposed to an anne murray song and falls in love with the singer.

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when brian uses the restroom, anne tells stewie that gene maclellan would have known more about the song, since he wrote it.

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 but when stewie learns that murray didn’t actually write the song herself, he feels betrayed.

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while there, they find that she is attracted to the farts which help inspire her to write pride & prejudice.

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while listening to "snowbird", they disagree over the meaning of the lyrics and decide murray needs to explain the song's true meaning.

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 soon the pair find themselves arguing over the truth meaning of her song “snowbird”.

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recurring guest voice actors alec sulkin, writer john viener and writer wellesley wild made minor appearances throughout the episode.

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despite this, stewie forces anne to sing "snowbird" while gagged and bound as a moose listens to the song.

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[7] series regulars peter shin and james purdum served as supervising director, with andrew goldberg, alex carter, spencer porter, anthony blasucci, mike desilets and deepak sethi serving as staff writers for the episode.

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[10] stewie stays in the car after arriving home to listen to the rest of the song, and sings along.