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i have a summary of chapter 3 of the witch of blackbird pond?

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Book Review

kit lets prudence borrow her silver horn book (a tiny paddle with the alphabet listed on it), which she keeps at hannah house.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

she is accused of consorting with the devil, mainly by goodwife cruff and her husband, who have found kit’s hornbook (the little paddle she used to teach prudence the alphabet) in the rubble of hannah’s house – and their daughter prudence’s name written on sheets of paper.

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the next day, after a night in the sheriff's freezing shed, she is asked to explain the presence of her hornbook in hannah's house and a copybook with prudence's name written throughout, as the townspeople fear that she and hannah had been casting a spell over the girl.

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the witch of blackbird pond, speare creates strong and memorable fictional characters who interact with actual historical.

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when she wakes she meets hannah tupper, witch of blackbird pond herself, who takes kit into her house and gives her some delicious blueberry cake.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond: Elizabeth George Speare

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old quaker woman named hannah, who is known as the witch of blackbird.

witch of blackbird pond[1] is a children's novel by american author elizabeth george speare, published in 1958.

the witch of blackbird pond provides readers with a realistic and vivid portrait of colonial new england and sketches the larger transatlantic issues that defined the colonies’ political landscape.

Witch of blackbird pond book report

Read Common Sense Media's The Witch of Blackbird Pond review, age rating, and parents guide.

can talk about the historical realities of religious life in colonial america and might even enjoy researching the infamous salem witch trials, which took place several years after the fictional events in this book.

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witch of blackbird pond is about a girl named kit who comes to england from barbardos an island, which her grandfather was king of.