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am writing to withdraw my name from consideration for the accounting assistant position with lakeland industries.

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it positiveno matter how you withdraw from consideration, remember to remain professional and positive.

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keep your message positive and state that you are withdrawing from consideration for the job.

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of withdrawal email examplesubject: your name - withdraw applicationdear name:i very much appreciate your consideration for the (job title) with (company).

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to withdraw with an email you can send an email or letter expressing appreciation for the employer's time and consideration, with the option to include a reason such as how the position wasn't a good fit.

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 there are many reasons to withdraw from consideration for a position.

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you are considering withdrawing from consideration because the specific job you were interviewed for wasn’t a great match for your skills, by all means explain this, tactfully, to the employer.

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” begin the letter with your salutation followed by a paragraph (or two) stating your intention to withdraw your application from consideration, and thanking them for their time.

Withdraw From Consideration | Career and Professional

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ask that they take you into consideration should a more appropriate position open with their organization.

if any of these situations apply, it is both courteous and professional to submit your withdrawal from consideration to the employer as soon as possible.

letters of withdrawal from consideration for a job, tips for what to include, and how to format letters withdrawing an application for employment.

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