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you will need an application, 2 passport photos, and a certified birth certificate. some applications contain their own essays which may be substituted upon approval of the director.

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  although many program applications vary, wittenberg requires a minimum list of items to be completed with the application. of sat/act essaysat: no policy as of now act: no policy as of now.

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interested in this college are also interested in:Miami university, denison university, ohio state university, ohio wesleyan university, ohio university, college of wooster.: if you do not already have a passport, you should now begin the application process.

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have these items delivered to the office so that they may be included with your application packet. you have decided upon a study abroad program, you will meet with the director of international education to receive the application.

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items - some applications may require a fee, photos, language evaluations, a portfolio, etc. if your application does not supply enough forms we will provide the needed number.

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the second round forms include:Credit advising: with this form you and your advisor work out a schedule that will guarantee proper credit as well as proper application of these credits to your major and/or minor. four credits for english 101 if you receive a grade of “b” or higher on the ib extended essay.

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 in recognition of the writing, rhetorical, and research skills necessary for the successful completion of the extended essay and theory of knowledge course required to earn the diploma, ib diploma students will receive 4 credits for english 101 as a writing intensive course if they receive a grade of “b” or higher on the extended essay..For further information about wittenberg’s ib acceptance policy and the programs the university offers to support ib students, please contact ib faculty advisor ty buckman, professor of english and vice president for strategic initiatives.

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university - post office box 720 - springfield, ohio 45501 - ph:800-677-7558. essay: the topic for your essay should be why you wish to participate and why you have chosen your particular program.

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university - post office box 720 - springfield, ohio 45501 - ph:800-677-7558. you are accepted, the program will usually notify you directly (using the address you give on your application) about the status of acceptance.

follow these instructions and return the completed application to this office. access to a specially-designed “extended essay enhancement” workshop through wittenberg’s award-winning writing center to prepare your required ib extended essay for submission for publication and to receive advice about the potential for the topic and focus of the essay to become a college research project.

university - post office box 720 - springfield, ohio 45501 - ph:800-677-7558..) program’s “unique academic rigor and emphasis on students’ personal development” in high schools across the country and around the world, the faculty at wittenberg university has adopted a new i.