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    they observe the whole man, while men tend to focus more on secondary sexual characteristics and signals of availability. yes so men took over, were bossy , women 'fought'(yes, men didn't say 'hey,come come, you can play with us' women struggled/fought) for their rights and continue to do so, showing up stronger than men in all 'man-made' fields/constructs. they’re used to being interesting across more than one axis and in more than two dimensions. if this were true then the list of world records found here:Would not consistently show men outperforming women at every distance. leaders always score significantly higher in this competency; since more top leaders are men, men still score higher here in the aggregate. i just add, in the christian religion, man (adam) was created first and woman (eve) from the rib of the man, hence why women have the extra rib. more men than women get into and are the cause of road accidents. idea that males cannot reproduce but females can is a flawed argument. i’m also going to say that all women (no exceptions, not even one anywhere in the world) are just useless pieces of meat that exist only to serve and gratify men, and on occasion produce offspring to continue the lineage of men. is a reason why women are not always generals during war. no it cant be true because according to you women are better painters so this has to be a mistake right? religion is anther area in which men are responsible for mischief. can also add to the debate by leaving a comment at the end of the page. her brain to body weight argument is just inherently flawed. so its clear that women stop at bachelor degrees while men go on to get masters and phd's so who is the one that exceeds in education. well again you already concede that men are better at mathematics so im going to make the assumption that it also includdes things such as physics and chemistry. catholics, muslims and traditional jews restrict their priesthoods to men. but my goodnes, why on earth would you argue that women are superior based on anatomy? when women are generals they show to much compassion so what happens when you fave a merciless leader you lose everything women. as it is, with when one recognises that sole responsibility for representing her gender and tackling sexism rests on peggy-the-character’s shoulders, that her actions are outlandishly large to compensate for all those other women who simply aren’t there, some of the strain and hyperbole in her characterisation becomes more explicable. three, women, the human race was split into a male and female for genetic diversity, which is case you don’t know, keeps the human race from all coming out with extra limbs. it makes sense as men are more rational and women are more emotional. idea of the world should be ruled by women is non-sense. if they don't need men for their sperm, they need men to be servants and whipping boys. to their superior interlectual capabilities, which has been proven in education, womens ability to craft a well balanced arguement on a topic is far superior to that of mens. driving can be considered as men's job as it is suitable better for men instead of women, no wonder if men are good at it. if you want to see substance behind my claim you can a-read your own post or b-look at the picture of the mathematics teams of harvard, yale, princeton, mit, stanford, and you tell me the proportion of men to the inferior gender. in fact research suggests that men are actually biased against their own gender group.
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But Some Of Us Are Brave: All the Women Are White, All the Blacks

fact, the first programmer was a woman and as usual men hijacked that field and continually try to take credit for 'the women behind' them.- if men had to give birth to a baby and carry it for 9 months then the human race would have died out eons ago. if men have a natural inability to create then how the heck could do we create aka invent? sexual relations, men and women seem to be equally promiscuous. are driven by there egos,which cause them to dominate or destroy whereas women can make better decisions and should rule in politics business and all organizations. best chess players come from patriarchal societies mainly/namely russia and china where girls are not brought forward in extracurricular activities as much as men. over the past 15 years 15 millions kids in the state of texas alone have graduated without the ability to read at the basic level to function in a work enviroment. and im sure women will be able to take over then mens world one day, dead serious! because men have been in the driver's seat of world affairs for so long, our precious resources have been frivolously wasted, our pristine waterways are laden with chemical slurry, our rainforests have been made into barren wastelands, our kids are failing to string proper sentences together and our cultural milieu is an abominable trainwreck.? men develope it for women so women will not look that bad as they age. up emotions is not a sign of, nor a means to achieve good physical/mental health. to this theory, the following is the list of the instincts that are present in men and women:1. men no longer need to be powerful and violent in order to hunt bison, walk behind a plow, tote that barge or lift that bale. in the economic climate we inhabit, not many ceos are prepared to stand up at a shareholder meeting and say: our profits are down this year because we improved the pay of our employees, reduced costs for our customers, and caused less harm to the environment. men with a higher ability to learn could learn and improve e. they are very simple things, even more fundamental than “agency”. but if i am to accept your point you have only left women the liberal arts field to be smarter in than men. fifth, women, you can fix the problem by showing that you are able to do just as much as men..the argument on the right is equivocal to saying that people who eventually die(all of us) should not be credited for ever having lived. but going back to the original argument about how scientist are still unsure. men's arguments are legitimate where as the womens are stupid! the argument here is men cannot handle/tolerate the reality that women are better in every respect therefore are too immature to accept this fact and should be 'protected from the truth before they go on one of their aggressive violent mad killing/abusing sprees. though some men are apparently too slow to understand that point. fourth, men, as much as you all hate to hear over and over again, women are looked down upon in many professions, whether it’s on purpose or by instinct. enough about the movie, except for this simple mind experiment: can you imagine a movie in which muslim and christian women start fighting with religion as their excuse, and the men band together to import go-go boys? the script acknowledges and deplores the sexism the character faces in her very first scene – but it won’t challenge the sexist soldier’s belief that women don’t belong in this story by writing any more women into it. friends of mine are firemen, who now have a women amongst their ranks – how did she get there you ask – all physical test were made easier for her – in effect the other firemen don’t really trust her – and right they are – there already was a situation where she endangered lives , because she just doesn’t have the strength. Home → sparknotes → literature study guides → brave new world → study questions & essay topics. Write a hit country song,

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want her to have meaningful, emotional relationships with other women. because when it comes to war with men, women always win eh? for all you women out there, make us both a dang sandwich! why if woman are better the men at everything can they not match them at the ultimate brain game. alpha women in the novel and none about whom we learn anything. shouldn't question who is superior to whom because in the world both have their own respective roles to fill and in some aspects women are superior while in others men are. women from their own turf using unfair means: such as for example:'veclock' deletion.. the odds are that 80% of the single parents will be women; having given birth, they stick around to raise children, while men are more likely to be missing. makes you think that women are more superior than men? after the feminism movement raising boys to stay boys (not men) or not letting men in on parenting is deeply effecting our current generation in a destructive way. that's where your survival of the fittest argument falls apart. are inferior to men, physically, but men and women are equal in moral value and intelligence., stars across the world are increasingly shunning such media management in favour of a more direct engagement with their fans online. men and women are almost always needed for reproduction; it it entirely possible to replace either, although the media tends to overhype any possibility of a 'world without men'. men always pretend to be strong by keeping their problems to themselves, hoping it will go away. this is according to the book men are better than women. time immemorial, men have outdone women in almost everything, the list of female inventors, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs,doctors, lawyers, award-winning authors and nobel prize winners pales in comparison to the number of men who have excelled in serious fields. science says that men have more brute force and strength than women. have basically tried to burden your whole argument on iq tests but you did not realise that iq tests are very inaccurate., the four men who only entered onto this debate to argue against the motion voted against it. of your arguments is on physical beauty and how only women are capable of giving birth to a baby. situations and in the government men are undeniably in charge. this point 'was' mentioned earlier with proof but may have been lost in veclock land.) research and tells us that women have better developed brains and graduate with higher degrees. now the local men have become worked up by strife they see on tv, and have decided that even in their village, without any provocation, they need to start hating and fighting each other. wow then it must be dumb luck that when you look at the top five gross selling movies of all time they are all directed by men right. first off i dont buy the argument that women are intelectiually superior. this is becoming less and less useful with technological advances, and regardless of how muscular men may be, it nowhere near deserves to be referred to as the "driving force behind human progress. Write a letter to a problem page

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are intellectually superior to men (even though men are better at mathematical thinking). it comes to rational reasoning, a sensible woman can understand and explain better than men. when women give birth and spend months suckling an infant, they understand better that we all depend on each other.. i do not what makes women think they are better drivers. concept of women being creators and men being destroyers is entirely cultural - the roles can easily be reversed, and women can easily be as brutal and violent as men at times. if women were superior, then why are we living in a world in which the most powerful and richest people are men( include presidents, prime ministers and ceo’s) . facto:the human race needs women to continue to proliferate/exist. men are better drivers , the statistics do not reflect 'percentages' only numbers, clearly since there are significantly more men on the road , more men get into accidents. a child in a single-parent home is likely to be better off if the parent is a women. men may have been useful when the human race was still at the feces-lobbing, hunter/gatherer stage of our existence, as well as providing manual labor throughout the agricultural era, but that time is rapidly coming to a close, and rightfully so. up2vote down  replynovember 9, 2013 4:37 pmbigdi love all these arguments where women claim superiority for having wombs. this acceleration will lead to a point where augmentation of the human brain using brain-computer interfacing will increase the intelligence of the average person by orders of magnitude, making brutish, testosterone-driven "solutions" to international affairs - such as war - completely unnecessary. secondly, german women had done pretty well in the sciences before the rise of hitler.’s a brilliant, solitary, abrasive, bohemian, whimsical, brave, sad, manipulative, neurotic, vain, untidy, fastidious, artistic, courteous, rude, polymath genius. than that men cannot outperform women as women and men swim separately in separate swim competitions/championships. our dataset was generated from leaders in some of the most successful and progressive organizations in the world both public and private, government and commercial, domestic and international. men were once used by women for protection against the dangers of the wild. newton did not discover gravity, gallileo did, newton, in the most simple explenation possible provided us with laws that govern physics and relate to gravity, and i dont claim that gravity didnt occur to anyone else before him (but if it did i bet it was a man) however galileo was smart enough to document it, as was arristotle, and socrates, and einstein. 95% of scientists are men and only a few women e. so women are more necessary to reproduce - so what? our information changes with time, so please leave it to the men who are more mathematically and scietifically inclined to figure out what will happen to the male gender while women excel in their liberal arts fields and analyze poetry made by men. men's arguments are legitimate where as the womens are stupid! woman is trying to beat the mens treadmill record which is 628 miles. women's style of argument is usually based on emotion and subjectivity rather than reason or rationality due to their psychological make up. more men than women driving thus, accident commited more by men. essay topics and study questions for Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. their income levels are rising, although they still don't have parity with men. on, i thought it was men who had the extra rib.

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women do this a lot although in the west (less in asia) i believe men also do this but usually nothing happen to the men. firstly the vast majority of men do not go around raping and murdering people, so despite the fact that men do these things more than women the majority of men do not. in my opinion those differences supplement eachother and enrich our lives. am i wrong to suspect part of our situation has been caused testosterone--that men in power believe moderation and reasonable compromise reflect on their masculinity? have ridiculously tried to impregnate men in various fictional and nonfictional scenarios. what's so great about men that entitles them to the love, care and attention of 99% of women on this planet? so let me just make myself clear to any woman who thinks i am trying to say that men are better, and i’ll also make it clear to any man who thinks that i’m saying men are better; i am not saying that either gender is superior to the other, quite the opposite, i am saying that we are all created equal. secondly the laws of nearly every society in the world expressly forbid rape and murder, which means that the majority of men (who invariable make the laws) do not agree with those acts and expressly condemn them. but in your own argument you concede that men are, on average, better at mathematics so then i dont see your point. men will step out of the safety line, women won't. to this i say in the past twenty years woman have been offered the same prospects as men but have never been able to match them. you think that with men gone the world would become a lesbian utopia where women all agree on the same thing and there is no conflict? they constructed houses and weapons, while women only followed orders. up-1vote down  replynovember 7, 2013 5:46 pmjoelif woman are so smart and intelligent why most of greatest scientists of the world are men?(i don't know whether they beat the men, but i doubt it). think it is scientifically proven that men are built to be stronger than women phsyically, which can be proven by looking at any sporting records. next thing, a group of women said we can do that even better, and just did the same thing. but neither of these means that men are smarter than women, or that women are stronger than men. distribution of fat towards the periphery in women allows their/our legs to float higher, making them streamlined. you can see, the "yes" argument was made by an idiot. this is compounded by the fact that this error occurred in a point where they were claiming with no sources that women have superior mental capabilities. in the mean-time, men will continue to be the driving force behind human progress, and if you push it too far, you may just find we come to regret our tolerance and react the only way we - according to some of the female debaters - know how.. 'men' rape and murder more than women but your generalisation has a few problems. if men were more powerful, why does almost every man admit that it is the woman who has the upper hand in the family. remember women, men have the seed and you’re just the dirt. far as male geniuses taking on feminine charecteristics, that argument is an inherent flaw. and it is no arguement to say that woman have not been able to match men due to gender discrimination against woman as a whole. men can clean and decorate their own homes to suit them.

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Are Women Better Leaders than Men?

it was men who designed and built cities, discovered great breakthroughs. i would also like to add that the people who were using emotion rather than sound, logical, and unbiased facts to argue their respective points (whether those points were for or against the superiority/inferiority of women, or the superiority/inferiority of men) are wrong! just because one women(or man in men’s case) is smarter, brighter, or stronger does not make everyone else of that gender the same way. | computers and internet | culture and entertainment | current affairs | economics and finance | education | environment and animal welfare | european union | food and drink | health | history | international / global affairs | law and crime | life and style | moral and religious | peace, security, and human rights | politics | psychology | science | society | sports | transport | work. if women are such damn good swimmers why arent they competing with men in swimming events? are from venus, men are from mars, deal with it! the post, "the men's arguments are legitimate where as the womens are stupid! i dont even have to read your arguments to know that you are just flat out wrong. equality is treating men and women in the same waysports – equal prize money for men and womenare men now redundant? are not wired to see disagreement as a challenge to themselves. which is mostly due to the fact that men have convinced women they are weaker and useless without them for. a form of asexual reproduction found exclusively in females, where growth and development of embryos occurs without fertilization by a male. have made your statement confidently and seem to feel it needs little clarification (or punctuation, spelling or grammer). the women were easiest, their arguements were mainly opinion-based, and they took much of their facts from feminist ideology. paranoia or extreme risk aversion is clearly detrimental to a rising career. in fact at every level, more women were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall leaders than their male counterparts — and the higher the level, the wider that gap grows (see chart; click on the image to view a larger chart):Specifically, at all levels, women are rated higher in fully 12 of the 16 competencies that go into outstanding leadership. up0vote down  replyjanuary 26, 2017 11:28 pmneillei read this whole thing, and my only comments are as followed: men and women are not the same…we are two different things. if youre somehow trying to prove women are smarter why dont we just stick to comparing intelect. so far as i concern, according to the statistic based on data compiled from police/highway patrol agencies across the country, 2/3 of accidents commited by women not men. latest survey of 7,280 leaders, which our organization evaluated in 2011, confirms some seemingly eternal truths about men and women leaders in the workplace but also holds some surprises. this fact denies that women always drive carefully than men or perhaps, they already drive carefully and slowly but still not good enough. and it’s as if semen had never played a part in conception. common courtesy demands that women be given fair warning that the man they just met will not live his life for her sake as a servant, a protector, or a blame object. men have presented no statistical/factual evidence to support their (self-proclaimed) 'meritorious' argumentation and have now resorted to name-calling. might say that the novels animal farm and brave new. men first sailed around the world and discovered new colonies. maybe because of the reason that the only original thing to come from women was finding clever ways between them on how to manipulate men. let's look at the depression rates - higher percentage goes to men. Writing research paper cartoon

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networks “prevent people from dreaming any more about stars”, the actress catherine deneuve lamented in 2015. there has only been one woman to play in men tournaments and win. for one, men, you can not bring older scientists into this conversation an prove that mean are superior. you are just basing your arguments on a person alone. certainly are not better at rational reasoning, as they have no use for it, men developed this form of scepticism to test the scientific and philosophical theories that they came up with and quickly became experts at applying it (e. (emotional social intelligence) both are important in an "argument", both can be improved. take the biblical route women are not superior for when eve ate the apple she was decieved but when adam ate the apple he was not decieved because she knew that eve made that fatal mistake not adam. there is no sane reason to say one is above the other but there are differences, both physical and mental. women are not quite so quick as men to grow enraged at the idea of raising the hourly wage. she had done nothing wrong – except flout the rules of akb48’s management, which insisted on members maintaining a “pure” image. women accept themselves as they are and stop trying to emulate men, perhaps then they can start to talk about superiority. or perhaps the debate topic should be changed to "have women lost their common sense? are generally better at survival tactics, since cavemen were the hunters who brought the meat home. as it happened, men outscored women significantly on only one management competence in this survey — the ability to develop a strategic perspective (see chart; click on the image to view a larger chart). of these facts shows that although people may say that women are better in iq or whatever blah. can be just as strong or stronger(it's only a matter of training, the fact that men are more pugnacious and spoiling for a fight isn't good on them) than men. because we do not often think of ourselves as animals, it is rather wonderful that women retain one function from their evolutionary past. screwing up several task at one time is not good multi tasking, men go one task at a time so we can achieve desireable results in everything we do. men have been the soul cause of the progression of the human race and no statistic can change that. but when we measure only men and women in top management on strategic perspective, their relative scores are the same. it would seem women are superior hypocrites, sexists, and bigots, at the minimum.’ve all heard the claims, the theories, and the speculation about the ways leadership styles vary between women and men. problem with your argument is that it is irrelevant to proving superiority of women. i'm not saying men are superior to women either, but seriously. up2vote down  replymarch 19, 2015 3:36 pmashok t jaisinghani ★★★★★are not women biologically superior to men? the beginning, men have taken power and put women in the subordinate position. can a women do for a man that he cannot proide for himself? so how in the world does that prove the superiority of women?

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do not put this topic to strengthen the statement that women are more superior. are driven by there egos,which cause them to dominate or destroy whereas women can make better decisions and should rule in politics business and all organizations. fine a significant number of k-12 teachers are women but so what?'ve just argued that all team sports/debate events are obsolete because all the team members are not the same( i would say 'equal' if you had referred to abilities and not uniformity/sameness/homogeneous-ness). truth is that men, with their lame-ass y-chromosomes that are incapable of repairing themselves, are less evolved than women. a lot of decisions they make is what would make me or what they think others need to feel good at this moment. makes you think that women are more superior than men? couldn’t the red skull have recruited a few evil women for hydra, too? as i was saying, before i ran out of room on my page, i had trouble even typing those last 2 statements, because i know how wrong they are." i was in the debate team in high school, and i won most of my arguements, the two i lost were to men. women are not personal kitchen slaves, just like men aren't personal bodyguards. first of many hints that women occupy positions of inferior. in fact her job was newspaper editor whereas men with iq of 130 and so on became great scientists this clearly shows that women are not as “smart” as they say. obviously haven't read any research on why women live five years longer than men; on average. but in terms of their lifelong natures, women are kinder, more empathetic, more generous. that can be easily countered with “do women know the pain of being kicked in the balls?. the malthusian belt, containing regulation contraceptives,Is another example of the burden placed on women to avoid pregnancies. most men get into fights because they have little ability to reason out and listen to the counterargument, much less give a rebuttal. power in social situations, in the workplace, and in the government? have more weight problems and heart attacks because our skeletal and circulatory system isn't as advanced as the women's, whereas the man's muscular and nervous system is more advanced. men trust men(comradeship), women trust men but women do not trust each-other(competition, resentment and the conflict between whether it is lady-like to be submissive or assertive) and men do not trust women for fear of competition or rejection. this does not however say that women are incapable of becoming a genius but rather on average a majority of them are male.[[wiki-answers]] men are not biologically equipped to snatch her title. are inferior to men, physically, but men and women are equal in moral value and intelligence. both telling women to make you a sandwich are disrespectful and disgusting, get off your own fat, lazy asses and make your own sandwiches. to the constant state of unease we hear women leaders express — clearly, chauvinism or discrimination is an enigma that organizations (and the business culture) should work hard to prevent. Our data come from 360 evaluations, so what they are tracking is the judgment of a leader’s peers, bosses, and direct reports. “of course, normal women are weak and boring and can’t do anything worthwhile.

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the above-mentioned instincts, women also have the following special instincts:A) instinct of menstruation. is, anecdotally, at least, the women we queried don’t feel their appointments are safe.: culture and entertainmentsociety e-mail:Popular debatesshould the cell phones be allowed in schoolsdo you agree or disagree with euthanasia or mercy killing? and the fact that she teaches mathematics like that should make us concede that women are just inherently better than men. women have evolved to focus more on prudent long-term survival, and less on immediate gains.. men can't reproduce thus cannot be responsible for the continuity of our race.."department of education statistics show that men, whatever their race or socioeconomic group, are less likely than women to get bachelor's degrees — and among those who do, fewer complete their degrees in four or five years.. men are typically more openly aggressive than females, i think this is a point of view that most sides would agree on - but you are implying that women are incapable of being cruel and violent which is patently not true. look at the record for women in any track event and compare it to the 10th best in mens history and tell me 3 catagories where a woman wins and i will concede that women are better. i think you only help prove that men are superior, we can convince you to take something you appearantly dont need (being men) and marry them or engage in acts for our sensual pleasure. to use an opinion to validate an argument makes that argument inherently flawed, since it is not backed up by concrete facts that can be repeatedly proven through unbiased scientific evaluation. a lot of men are stupid but all women are illogical. when we shared our findings with a group of women outside this particular survey and asked them to suggest why they thought their colleagues had been rated so highly on taking initiative and self-development, their answers pointed to the still-tenuous position they feel themselves to be in the workplace:“we need to work harder than men to prove ourselves. because some men commit crimes doesn't mean that all of them do, and besides, there were lots of good men too. i believe more women consider its effect on helping wage-earners support their families. why must the god of all humans be approached only through men? yes men do not deserve the criticism levelled at them. men from the beginning of time have been the creative, inquisitive sex, the original thinkers.)"when it comes to rational reasoning, a sensible woman can understand and explain better than men. are not capable of doing anything physically or mentally that women potentially cannot, however women can procreate and men cannot(not even potentially). argument might just prove how much women will lie to conclude to themselves they they're right. again; since more women than men are 'cautious' enough to bother getting driver's licenses before getting on the road; the likely truth is that less men know how to parallel park. women express feelings therefore avert psychological/mental scarring where/when men do not. i will refer to the countless examples of medical breakthroughs that have proven detrimental to the human race in the past. if we go back say 50 years then how the hell would the human race survive without men? men and women are equal in everything, the ratio of which gender does what more often is irrelevant. hopefully in the future, with the advancement of gene therapy and medical nanotechnology, the sexual preferences of women towards men will be corrected so that women will become attracted to each other instead of wasting their sexual and social energy on these dirty brutes. rulers conquer other civilizations by violence while women could resolve conflict using there suprerior communications skills and humanitarian life affirming instincts.

tour of the hatchery at the beginning of brave new world, it. and besides heroines, i want to see women in as many and varied secondary and character roles as men: female sidekicks, mentors, comic relief, rivals, villains.. again, i do not know about men in the west but in asia, men are physically and mentally stronger than women. there have been many great historical women, think of the first woman to fly a plane: miss amelia airheart, or all the first ladies. as menopause came, women will tend to be forgetful and emotional. and the sooner women realize that as a whole, the better off the world will be.'s talk about beauty (women's favourite topic) there are more men that are skillful in hair dressing compare to women. the confirmation category is our first finding: the majority of leaders (64%) are still men. your line 'whoever finds beauty in men must be blind or brainwashed' and then saying:'hopefully in the future, with the advancement of gene therapy and medical nanotechnology, the sexual preferences of women towards men will be corrected so that women will become attracted to each other instead of wasting their sexual and social energy on these dirty brutes. and the fat in women makes us more buoyant so that's an absurd suggestion. and how is excessive backstabbing and bitchiness and selfish favouritorism (a trait profoundly associated with women) in the workplace a good life affirming instinct? women are morally, culturally, intellectually and aesthetically superior to men, make up a majority of teachers, scholars, doctors, professors, artists, engineers and technicians, and are generally concerned with the well-being of the human race and the planet that we live on. women, tend to cry whenever they got pressure thus women take longer time than men to become that tough. if you care to watch a few nature documentaries you would notice that all life is in competition and often violently with each other. hence, it is theoretically possible for women to reproduce without any male, genetic contribution (i. for most men, the minimum wage is important largely because of its impact on profits. the problem here is that men are too confident, and women aren't confident enough.."we were not surprised to see that men have slightly more violations — about 5 percent — that result in accidents than women," said raj bhat, president of quality planning. a man wants to defeat other men and become the leader of the pack. are responsible for the violence of civilization,whereas women could rule more peacefully with less war and genocide. of these special instincts make women biologically superior to men in the propagation and survival of the human race! women are better advertised and thus better paid in that particular industry. there are two basic possible reasons: one is reproduction(sorry about playing that like a broken record) and the second reasoning is that women are better communicators. women are good at multitasking, exchanging information, socialising/socializing; and absorbing information.. check out the book "man down: proof beyond a reasonable doubt that women are better cops, drivers, gamblers, spies, world leaders, beer tasters, hedge fund managers, and just about everything else" by dan abrams, at chapter 2. what i mentioned above, one of the skills is driving. first men on average spend more time playing sports than women and women arent capable of developing such a body mass made of muscle where as men can, so they shouldnt be punished just becasue we are more muscular and women arent. for example, a group of men set out from hull recently to row around britain.

But Some Of Us Are Brave: All the Women Are White, All the Blacks up-2vote down  replymarch 13, 2015 9:07 pmman truthone of the massive differences between the genders is that women have been proved to have a far higher automatic own group bias. soon enough as women get more and more addicted to being in control of how a person thinks and looks beofre their even born, dark practices like slavery and dictators would return as females tryt to establish dominance over each other. men watch for a females signs to approach or to see if she is available. most women weigh less than most men, they swim faster. men's arguments have had merit to them, but the women have argued they are better swimmers and drivers., that women and men are both superior and inferior to each other, in a lot of things but in reproduction, there is no contest(men cannot even 'compete'(cannot reproduce all on their own) forget being just 'relatively' inferior) which (i reiterate) makes women 'superior' overall. to last paragraph:The proposition is not referring to individual men or women but to where/how general majorities sway/act. as it stands, this argument falls down to physical abilities of each sex without human interferance, and humans can cause further harm to society. are many good reasons why someone might think that women are superior to men. i feel would be the manipulative and dark society women would live in where you alter everything to be perfect. also more men between the ages of 18-25 suffer fatalities(read:die/expire) because of rash/callous driving., when i think of what i want for female characters, i find myself thinking of what the performance poet guante wants for himself, in this poem where he rejects the limitations of the insulting commandment “man up”. are responsible for the violence of civilization,whereas women could rule more peacefully with less war and genocide., men does not have womb but do you know that the womb will soon be obsolete as menopause comes and it stops functioning? investment bankers do nor sow, and neither do they reap. am i foolish in suggesting that women don't think quite so easily in the same way? majority of crimes-of-passion are committed by men, 'testosterone' (there's a lot more in men than women) causes bursts of anger among other things, it's one key reason why menopausal(increased testosterone=balding,risky behavior (stupidity/bravery),frequent temper tantrums,hair in odd places and so on) women have anger issues. the simple fact that you would cling to one female's iq score in a sea of men who are of her ranking and superior to is pretty sad.’m sure someone will claim here that this would have been simply impossible, because everyone knows there weren’t any women in world war two, so, firstly – oh, please. But in terms of their lifelong natures, women are kinder, more empathetic, more generous. think and after asking people this question "are women superior to men" most replied that we are simply equal and i can understand that only women can carry children so without them humans would die off but to create children you also need a man and god realised this- if god thought men were superior why would he choose to create women? while these days women are proving more and more their equality to men in aspects that they were once considered inferior, that doesn't mean that they are superior. up3vote down  replyjanuary 1, 2015 7:04 pmjamezera society controlled by men eould be barbaric, while a society controlled by woman would most likely be lawless. however, this project isn't about having the genders recognised as equal - it is about women adopting the worst characteristics of men, while berating us for being what nature and our mothers made us. our research shows these leadership skills are strongly correlated to organizational success factors such as retaining talent, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and profitability. are you saying that men are too 'immature' to deal with anyone winning anything and thus should be shielded from the facts? not all men vent like a woman so society ignores or never hears about the hardships men endure or flawed statistic because of it. and the higher the level, the more men there are: in this group, 78% of top managers were men, 67% at the next level down (that is, senior executives reporting directly to the top managers), 60% at the manager level below that.

your wording of men that are "cross between lowly ape and real human" reflects your complicity of controlling emotions and demonstrating your level of bias. the only ultimate measure of superiority would be if women were better in every other aspect than men, which is eminently false. why are we not engaging and fully employing these exemplary women leaders? this argument is not even founded on logic, but then again the entire premise that women are better than men isnt founded on logic either so i cant expect the points under it to be. they rather appeal to emotions which is less legitimate in terms of argumentations. at who are now being arrested more and more often for commiting crimes such as assaults and drunken violence, behaviour which women once condemned and said was immoral, but now rather pathetically and hipocritically do the same themselves to prove they can "do anything a man can do". this state of affairs is part of the satirical target of brave. badass gunslingers and martial artists sure, but also interesting women who are shy and quiet and do, sometimes, put up with others’ shit because in real life there’s often no practical alternative. zenger is the ceo and joseph folkman is the president of zenger/folkman, a leadership development consultancy., men have been the driver of society because we have better strength, and are more logical and less emotional. remember scientist at one point have said that an apple a day could actually be bad for your health until they retracted their statements. add on how the hell have women proven this in education? so while we build our society, and try to grasp the origins of the universe, women analyze literature and tell me about something that happened in 1776 that i could find any where on the internet. perform better in mathematics and science at school level and very few women enter mathematics and science programs after that. there are accident commited by men (so far as i concern in the west? the last example is a secondary effect of a good quality (if practiced with discipline) of helping men be civilised. secondly, women, you can not bring up the fact that men will never feel the pain of giving berth. saying 'it does not exist' is not a substantiation but merely a statement. this drive is more fundamental in business than worker happiness or customer satisfaction. by own experiences, and i am sure many will agree, i can only feel that womens egos are actually much bigger than any mans. i think i know why, because men clarely outshine women in almost every intelectual field. the women’s advantages were not at all confined to traditionally women’s strengths. you can if you account that women have been looked down upon for most of history. in the film and performance piece still be here, which i saw recently at the barbican in london, matsutoya and her collaborators pull apart the miku phenomenon and expose a curious hollowness at its core. up0vote down  replyaugust 7, 2013 2:00 pmnicole94i don’t see how people can categorise a sex being more superior to the other, they are not the same, they function differently and are seen to have different purposes, just because men can’t give birth doesn’t mean they are inadequate because there are a lot of people within the nhs that are male and that are needed. womans greatest contribution again is civilizing men, but if a man is disciplined (men like myself) are great realist parents, who practice tough love and able to maintain himself and the home without that added stress of a constant critical voice. coatscheck out the stream called men are superior to women and tell me if you still believe that. she apologised for a “scandal” in which she had been caught leaving her boyfriend’s apartment.

up1vote down  replyoctober 2, 2014 2:06 amdutch nationalin my humble opinion man and women are different but equal. yes, most great scientists have been men, but women give birth……. could men having an extra rib simply be explained by the fact they are taller and have on average larger lungs? my feeling is that a fundamental shift is taking place. there is no wonder that the fact is men controls the world, not women and will never ever happen without men's agreement. finds beauty in men must be blind or brainwashed by our unhealthy society to worship these things. and backstage performers(women) are hidden and thus hard to trust or reward: most women are reduced to wallflowers or placard holders. i don’t think that either of those aforementioned statements apply to any man or any woman.? last time i checked, women have a very distinct lack of testicles. over the world, women are beating men at their own game. its also surprising how many people on this page favouring womens communication ability cannot spell. up-3vote down  replyapril 18, 2014 6:13 amalex denisonno, women are not above men, but it goes the other way also. irony is that these are fundamental behaviors that drive the success of every leader, whether woman or man.)"due to their(women's) superior interlectual capabilities,"- claimed in yes point 8. regardless of the ideology behind terrorist action; the reason why most 'terrorist' action is taken by men is that men are more likely to actually take action to change the world rather than just sit around bitching about it., most stereotypes would have us believe that female leaders excel at “nurturing” competencies such as developing others and building relationships, and many might put exhibiting integrity and engaging in self-development in that category as well. to assume that only men are capable of atrocities and violence is entirely flawed logic. data come from 360 evaluations, so what they are tracking is the judgment of a leader’s peers, bosses, and direct reports. men are better are hunting, and women are better at gathering. and when in their own division how come their times in identical events are slower than that of men? a considerable amount of time has passed but women have not matched men in the fields of construction, civil engineering(all types of engineering , really), video-game acumen, mathematics and invention. one thing we don't think that women are "more" superior to men(more than what? by their strength and their wits, it is of course men who rule, and women are at their mercy. to downplay the role of men in science does not help show that women are better; whilst there have been great scientists on either side (albeit many more renowned men, due to the nature of society for the past centuries), that does not in any way suggest that women are 'better' than men; it would be best to say that there is an equal level of potential."is why more men have weight problems, die of heart-attacks, cause and fight bloody wars/battles. you can however take the egg of certain primates and combine it will male semen to get human. up-1vote down  replyaugust 1, 2013 11:00 amaddixby that logic, i can say that i, as a man, did better in -my- calculus classes than any of the women, therefore all women are inferior in calculus.., sperm) while it is impossible for men to procreate without women.

male on average have 5 more iq points than women and also people with an iq score over the the mark considered to classify one as a genius (which is usually 140) are 85 times more likely to be male. debates:men are superior to womenare boys better than girls? up0vote down  replyoctober 22, 2016 6:49 amsvsundarmm men are the creations of women if they stop or deny creation that is the end of men species only a woman can deliver a baby[female] or a baba [male] child even male child is also loved by mother wome are always better and superior species old vedas clearly reveals this. they’re not used to this kind of confinement, poor things. Perfect for students who have to write Brave New World essays., men have been at the forefront of incredible inventions such as electricity, the light bulb, heart transplants, telephones, and even the computers and internet we are using now. the men's mind before they start speeding up, they have already got the calculation in mind that only in rare occasion may fail but still better than if the emotional that drives. in many fundamentalist sects, wives are taught to be subservient to their husbands. we ask, for instance, how good a leader is at taking the initiative, developing others, inspiring and motivating, and pursuing their own development. i think that when women, as you put it, "accept themselves as they are" this will restore the natural order and we will be a much more peaceful, happy and well-rounded matriarchal society.’ve all heard the claims, the theories, and the speculation about the ways leadership styles vary between women and men., i iterate, the existence,creation and successful use of artificial sperm indicates , that men are no longer needed for the survival and proliferation of the human race. again that would be like me saying because a majority of waltons who gained the walmart inheritence were males men are better at making more money from doing nothing. anything can in theory be done artifically, and as stated, this could be deterimental and is thereby circumstatial not evidence which should be the only grounded-theory in debate. these are areas in which men are not necessarily better equipped than women. the posters they’re posed way in the back of the shot behind the men, in the trailers they may pout or smile or kick things, but they remain silent. 'highest' achievement in any form of a test reflects your potential/abilities. as women are reportedly better communicators/writers/artists/orators/singers. women were not well-adapted for leadership roles in primitive and early historical times. is mostly accepted by all muslims that the females also came from men. "and because men are also more likely to violate laws for speeding, passing and yielding, the resulting accidents caused by men lead to more expensive claims than those caused by women. and two of the traits where women outscored men to the highest degree — taking initiative and driving for results — have long been thought of as particularly male strengths. is 'more' men commit 'more' violent crimes than women do. as an example of an unfounded argument, i’m going to say that all men (no exceptions, not even one anywhere in the world) are chauvinistic brutes who want to rape, pillage, and beat women at chess. i conclude a society made up by men faults would be barbaric, a females society would be lawless, by doing what feels good in my little world. again, it's just another desperate argument being made because of the lack of substance behind your claim, so you rather cling to an anomaly.(muscle and bone weigh you down) therefore it is easier for women to float. if culture makes people; then to date culture has made men considerably more cruel than women.