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number of women sent to prison as a result of the war on drugs..- the united states prison system is an important aspect of today’s society. - probation research papers research and illustrate that the probation process is less expensive than providing intensive prison care for years. it comes to understanding how the prison system in america has failed, it seems that there is a sequence of events that ultimately lead a prisoner down the path of further criminal activity rather than rehabilitation. prison term is given to an individual who has broken the law from doing so again and to discourage other people by his example. “california may be forced to release up to 33,000 prisoners by 2013” (shapiro & wizner, 2011, p. since the 1970's there has been a steady increase in the prison population where statistics now show from the bjs that more than one in every 100 adults are now imprisoned. zimbardo, designed and executed an unusual experiment that used a mock prison setting, with college students role-playing either as prisoners or guards to test the power of the social situation to determine psychological effects and behavior (1971). justice process - criminal justice process research papers on the processes of the criminal justice system and examine the steps taken to solve crimes. the implication here is that “mad” implies that the prisoner is mentally ill and “bad” implies that they are purposely acting out. similarly, private prisons strain the county and city legal systems. and parole - probation and parole research papers examine their role in the criminal justice system.“women in prison are among the most wronged victims of the so-called war on drugs …”, says former black panther turned political activist angela davis. california is home to the largest prison population in the united states. prisons were commonly used to incarcerate people being accused and awaiting for trials and debtors that had to pay their creditors. at worst, prisons are brutalizing, cannot be shown to rehabilitate or deter offenders, and are detrimental to the re-entry of offenders into society.

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’s prison system research papers investigate the pros and cons in prisons. andersonville was the largest prison camp out of more than 150 recorded camps between both sides. crowding - prison crowding research papers go into how the populations increase has caused problems in prisons such as putting all types of prisoners together and many others. masters - showing students how to write quality research papers for over 19 years.- if you walked into a room with 84 adults, chances are two of them have been in prison. is only 5% of the world’s population and houses a quarter of its prison inmates; well over 2 million people. overcrowding prisons is a major problem in california and the state has a limited amount of time to correct the population reach in the california prisons. in order to achieve the appearance of a real prison, the cells included bare walls, limited space, and bared doors and windows. there are people who will think the inmates deserve it and that they should not be helped since they are prisoners. a high percentage of prison inmates, who tend to be poor, ethnic or racial minorities and young, will eventually be released to rejoin society and either return to their criminal lifestyles or adopt new, socially responsible patterns of behavior (erisman & contardo, 2005). prisons have come a long way over the years and with trial and error they have discovered many effective ways to help drop crime rates. historically the prison has been viewed, as a place to incarcerate people who pose the greatest threat to society but with so many people being incarcerated is that really happening. trial process research papers look at the four main parts of a criminal trial, and discuss each in detail. (inciardi 497) currently, there are three types of prisons within the federal, state, and county governments.- as prisons become more crowded and internal problems arise, it is important to keep control and stability inside and outside of the prison. some private companies are contracted only to provide things such as medical care, counseling, food services, and maintenance within publicly owned jails and prisons.

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in recent times it has become such a frequently relied upon consequence that significant overcrowding in prisons has resulted (findlay et al, 2000).-entry from prison - reentry from prison from prison is a problem within the criminal justice system, as recidivism rates are unacceptably high in a society that attempts to “assist offenders” with a liberal parole policy in many overcrowded prisons.- the effect of prison on inmates prison has been around in human society for many millions of years. this paper will have a look at the different gangs in prisons, their history, beliefs and missions, and the differences and similarities in these gangs. it comes to america’s prison system it seems that there are many ironies engendered within the system. within librarian-selected research topics on Women from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.- alternatives to prison prisons, facilities maintained for confining people convicted of committing crimes, were used to rehabilitate offenders while keeping them isolated from the community. when horatio was at andersonville, the conditions were vile along with all prison camps of the civil war. enter the title keyword:Free Prison papers, essays, and research papers. more than 15 million animals face possible death in shelters and are being rescued by a surprising group of people: prisoners (rhoades).- there are many prison programs that can incarcerated families especially mothers and fathers. the battered women's movement should place women marginalized by abuse, poverty, racism, incarceration and coercive state control at the center of analysis for advocacy, social change and service delivery, and should join with the prison abolition movement to include women in the efforts to decarcerate non-violent inmates. governor, there are many ways to reduce the current problem of prison overcrowding; unfortunately many of them are not popular as they are seen as being soft on crime and as we both know that is not favorably looked upon. the pennsylvania system was “a form of imprisonment developed by the pennsylvania quakers around 1790 as an alternative to corporal punishments. this prison that was developed in the 1790s used the means of solitary confinement and pushed for rehabilitation for the inmates (schmalleger, 411). as a result, the correction’s system has felt the effects of the law literally on prisons.

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from prison - reentry from prison is a problem within the criminal justice system, as recidivism rates are unacceptably high in a society that attempts to “assist offenders” with a liberal parole policy in many overcrowded prisons.” (blumstein,1)he means that the flaws in our justice system cause an unnecessary increase in the overcrowding of jails and prisons. argument for capital punishment - ethical argument for capital punishment research papers discuss the death penalty in an online essay for college political science classes.- history of andersonville prison when one turns on the television today they are made witness to all the crimes that are present in society. now, prisons today are much nicer than the prisons of the past; it all began with the pennsylvania system. gangs are known to attempt to control the prisons/jails, instill fear within the prison system and throughout the society, and bring negative attention to the system. without the prison system, there would be no place for the law enforcement agencies to detain the criminals that they have apprehended.- it is very difficult to prevent sexual violence outside the prison and jail area, nevertheless, imagine the issue inside the prison and jail area. if anything, they do little else than confine most prisoners, and as a result lead to the imposition of certain undesirable learning habits and labels. the contemporaneous production of exterior and interior enemies (terrorists and criminals respectively), movement toward and legislation for ostensible (and, importantly, homonormative) queer “equality,” the criminalization of radical activism through increased surveillance, torture, disappearance, and imprisonment, and the exponential growth in the transnationally funded prison system is symptomatic of what, in the article “intimate investments,” ann.- in the antebellum era, america undergos many reforms including a reform in their prison system. a prison system term paper argues that prison is actually responsible for creating a criminal personality that invariably leaves a prisoner’s emotional state forever mangled by hate, distrust and fear: “no one has ever come out of prison a better man”.- the current prison and criminal justice system has not proven to be helpful in rehabilitating offenders and preventing recidivism. in the 1990’s new implementations of rehabilitation were introduced to help ease the overcrowding in prisons.. the growing prison population poses considerable health and safety risks to prison staffs and employees, as well as to inmates themselves. the first prisoners arrived to an open expansion of sixteen acres, later increased to twenty-six acres, surrounded by a fifteen-foot tall fence (davis 351).

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  because the prison system in america has failed to achieve the goal of rehabilitation, criminals released from prison often return to society more violent and less socially adjusted than before they became incarcerated. project - innocence project research papers examine the national organization that fights the wrongful conviction of individuals. california department of correctional and rehabilitation (cdcr) does little to reform prisoners and serve as human warehouse rather than a correction institution. - parole research papers show that parole is different from the process of probation. consequently, one of the biggest problem of our jails and prisons is the overcrowded facilities and the tension caused by this overcrowding.- when we do research on daily prison life, we come across two typical but less than ideal situations: either social imaginaries cloud our judgment or information provided by the prisons themselves hide certain weak or bad aspects that they do not want to make public. analyzing the techniques developed in cognitive behavioral theory and applying them to psychotherapy in prison environments can assist in making improvements in the prevention of criminal activity, rates of incarceration and safety and security of the general popu. prison inmates - educating prison inmates research papers research the pros and cons of giving convicts an education.- introduction research has been done comparing the violent rates between males and female prisons. to successfully alter this situation it is important to understand what steps and measures are available to assist those who find themselves imprisoned. the quakers built the first prison in 1790 in order to seclude criminal offenders from society to think about their wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness in a kind, and spiritual environment.- private prisons have a negative effect on states and local governments. is the purpose of prison and what tries to achieve.. government will need to take measures to combat the flaws in the prison and criminal justice system. life in prison is a subculture of its own, this subculture has its own society, language and cast system. the number of women in prisons and jails has reached a sad new milestone.

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role of the various prison personnel in maintaining prison security. and substance abuse - women and substance abuse research papers illustrate the affects of alcohol and drugs on women. the purpose of the law was to elongate the sentence of time spent in prison for repeat offenders, mainly focusing in violent or major crimes. it is vital to understand the purpose of prison and what they are trying to achieve and compare their actions to the re-offending rates as they are the perfect example to prove if the prison system works. privatization - prison privatization research papers look to the private sector to build new prisons. it is not until the prison rape elimination act of 2003 that requires the bureau of justice statistics to develop new national data collections on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence within correctional facilities. because alcatraz is surrounded by ice cold waters and dangerous currents, it was soon to be considered a perfect location for holding prisoners (welcome to alcatraz).- introduction prison gangs are originally formed by inmates as a way of protecting themselves from the other inmates.- prison privatization is a term used for which local, state and federal correction facilities hire companies from the private sector to run prisons and provide prison-related services. with the rise of the prison population in america, prisons all over the nation fear what could lead to huge detrimental consequences, one of which is overcrowding. this huge rate of growth in this short amount of time, has greatly contributed to the prison overcrowding that the united states faces today. the “prison industrial complex" is used to describe the overlapping interests of government and industry (herzing, 2005). minimum sentences - mandatory minimum sentences research papers delve into the guidelines of this controversial topic. this book was written by a young man who enters prison on a life sentence and describes the world around him. according to california prison focus, “no other society in human history has imprisoned so many if its own citizens. we are adding more than one thousand prisoners to our prison and jail systems every single week.

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prisons have long been a source of punishment for inmates in america and the debate continues as to whether or not an overhaul of the us prison system should occur. in this paper i will describe how the prison workers distinguish between the prisoners as “mad” or “bad” as well as discuss how the ideas and social practices inform the prison guards’ judgment. use and abuse project - drug use and abuse project research papers look at a sample of a paper ordered for a research paper with specific guidelines and questions to be answered.  despite the fact that many within the criminal justice system have sought to achieve this goal, in many cases, america’s prisons have become human warehouses, dehumanizing and violent places of confinement in which prisoners merely waste away. california's prison system fails the people it imprisons and society it tries to protect. according to justice center (2012), 19% of females released from prison will recidivate in the first three years post-release. authorities did not used prison sentences for criminals, they enforced fines or inflict physical pain such as branding iron or pillory. from state to state each correctional organization is coupled with financial problems that have depleted the resources to assist in providing the quality of care in which the judicial system demands from these state and federal prisons.- prison term policy the members of the state legislature have hired me, a criminologist advisor to work for the state implementing a new bill on doubling a maximum sentence for anyone convicted of armed robbery. with information gathered from various sources such as the internet and one on one interviews with an inmate in a male correctional facility and a former inmate of a female correctional facility i intend to show the rampant flow of drugs in and out of the prison system, the control of (or lack there of) by prison officials, the drug gangs and dealers in correctional facilities, the rate of addiction, and treatments available to inmates suffering from addiction.- chapter 1 introduction prisons are institutions that place physical confined for individuals who has been charged with or likely to be charged with a criminal offense may be held on remand in prison if they denied, refused or unable to meet conditions of bail, or is unable to post bail. instead, the animals could be sent to prisons for training by inmates, which would increase the animal’s chances of being adopted.- crimes in prison have been a part of our prisons since prisons themselves have been developed.- the female prison population in the united states is growing at an disturbing rate. in the correctional system - pedophilia in the correctional system research papers look at the statistics in prisons of convicted sex offenders to those of free offenders. one of the main reasons why many prisons have become overcrowded is because of states’ harsh criminal laws and parole practices (cohen).

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bruno bettelheim illustrated the result when he stated 'a prisoner had reached the final stage of adjustment to the camp situation when he had changed his personality so as to accept as his own the values of the gestapo.- prison is a punishment given to someone who has broken the law.- disparities in prison populations although we would like to believe the world is not as racially charged in 2013 as it was in the 1960s, a look in our penal system would show that minorities are still arrested and incarcerated at a higher rate than whites. behind bars research papers discuss the different races of women in prison, but focus on the african american women. building new prisons is not the answer to tackling the prison overcrowding dilemma. the interest of industry within the state prisons of illinois has led to the selling of inmate healthcare rights to many private companies. prisoners could be placed in these cells for days on end and this caused hallucinations. there is luck of research actually looking at the prisoner experiences inside the prison and what issues they face.- from the moment the prison system had to deal with pregnant inmates, the subject of prison nurseries became controversial and it remains as such to this day.- california’s prison system has been a hot topic for the better part of the past two decades.- with the substantial increase in prison population and various changes that plague correctional institutions, government agencies are finding that what was once considered a difficult task to provide educational programs, inmate security and rehabilitation programs are now impossible to accomplish. when loss of freedom is the tool used to punish this segment of society, prisons become the instrumentality used to carry out the various freedom restrictions under the law for each individual. prison nurseries provide housing for inmates’ newborns and allow the inmates to co-reside with their infants for a limited amount of time, giving them the opportunity to be part of their development for at least the first months of their lives. discrimination - female discrimination research papers include workplace bias and other sociology issues.- the failure of imprisonment has been one of the most noticeable features of the current crisis in criminal justice systems. the prisoners would be stripped of their clothing and a mattress would only be supplied during the night.

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inmates who have served in prison for long periods of time will be expected to be able to change their attitude to be the better person. she has put us in a horrible prison, the prison of puberty, where our sentence is all of adolescence and our punishmentis to endure the hardship which causes many of the institutionalized personal to crack under the pressure. according to the bureau of justice (bjs), in 2008 correctional administrators reported 7,444 allegations of sexual abuse in prisons. your research paper on women behind bars will examine the following:Racial aspects of women sentenced to prison. at best, prisons are able to provide a form of crude retribution to those unfortunate to be apprehended. one visited a large women’s prison, it would be apparent that women of color are in the majority.- andersonville, officially named camp sumter, was the most infamous confederate prison during the civil war (davis 350; reeder 140). some of the options would provide a temporary decongestion of the prisons while others would be a more long term reduction in inmate populations. of women executed - profile of women executed research papers discuss women that did receive the death penalty, and their characteristics.- drugs in the prison system this research paper will consist of an analysis of the use and abuse of illicit drugs within the prison systems on a global basis. as women become entangled with the war on drugs, the number in prison has increased if not double the rate of incarceration for men. with this paper i will attempt to explain the way of life in a prison from an inmate's view.- alcatraz prison, in the san francisco bay, is surrounded by freezing waters and razor sharp rocks, making it the most inescapable prison in america.- a litter of puppies gets dropped off down a dirt road, they soon will go to an animal shelter, and eventually, prison. unfortunately, the number of private prisons has been increasing since their inception in 1983 causing further problems. pedophiles - female pedophiles research papers research cases of female pedophilia.

the experiment took place on the bottom floor of the psychology building at stanford university which was transformed into a mock prison. solutions to the number of women in prison as a result of the war on drugs. even though 13% of the us population are african american males, they make up 38% of the prison population. this paper deals with the social, psychological and sexual issues of the prisoners. this enormous flood of inmates has made it practically impossible for prison officials to keep up with their facilities and supervise their inmates. research papers - custom written research papers on any topic you need starting at . according to ajinkya (2013) from 2000 to 2009, the number of females incarcerated in state or federal prison rose by 21. furthermore, most people believe that males biologically are more prone to violence, therefore violence is prevalent in male prisons and should have higher rates of violence than female prisons; however, there is more to this idea. the privatization of healthcare within the prison industrial complex is unconstitutional and perpetuates unethical treatment of persons who are incarcerated. although the same sentence is required for possession of powder cocaine, the amount necessary for the five-year prison term is a whopping 500 grams. in many cases, california's prison system exacerbates the pre-existing problems and aids in the formation of new problems for prisoners. that is, people realized that feuding was costing the group too much in terms of injuries and lives, and some individual’s behavior was first imagined to be harmful to the group as a whole.  although prisons have become a permanent part of america’s justice system, the reality is that incarceration may be doing more harm than good. - victimology research papers for criminal justice studies provide research and enlightenment on the phenomena of being a victim in the criminal justice system. in the past decade the war on drugs has filled many state and federal prisons with a numerous amount of inmates. the effects of these policies are filling our prisons and detention facilities at an alarming rate.

the detention or imprisonment of offenders has been a consequence used for a variety of offences in society for hundreds of years.- civil war prison camps it was 1864 when horatio kirkland foote was taken to a prison camp. would i be the submissive prisoner, the sadistic guard, or would i stay true to myself. recidivism - juvenile recidivism is the term for children under eighteen-years-old who habitually commit crimes. these private companies are not being held accountable for the lack of treatment and negligence of providing services within state prisons. this includes the privatization of such services as prisons, electronic tags, catering companies, probation work or prison escort services.'s Prison System Research Papers investigate the pros and cons in prisons.- in the most recent years, the relationship between educational institutions and the juvenile justice system, which was once created to protect children, has displayed an ultimatum for minors through “zero tolerance” policies that result in sending individuals from school to prison to pipeline.. - an adult and juvenile prison systems in the u. a correctional officer is responsible for the supervision, safety, and security of prisoners in a prison. not only do parenting prison programs help bond parents and children but it also helps the incarcerated person get connected with the outside world again by giving their community an insight on how to help and respond to an incarcerated person needs.- prisoners in portrayal of society are treated as outcast and are often forgotten- they need to be kept away from the society. due to a food shortage at the compound in richmond, virginia, caused by an overflow of war prisoners, the confederate officials decided to build a new prison in southwest georgia (turner 161, 162). the united states has experienced a rise in its prison population over the last 40 years and our incarceration rate is nearly 5 times higher than any other country.- the endless battle with prison gangs as the years pass, the rate of gang affiliated crimes in the unites states has progressed extensively, accumulating more inmates into our major prisons doubling the maximum occupancy that the jails can hold. i know i would, but learning about the stanford prison experiment has made me question what would really happen if i was there.

quentin - san quentin research papers look at one of california’s oldest prisons, and it’s history. Behind Bars Research Papers discuss the different races of women in prison, but focus on the African American women. of women - exploitation of women research papers show how women have been abused for centuries and analyzes the work of writers like mary wollstonecraft. in their book crime, justice and society, larson and garrett give the following statistics: six of every ten prisoners are african-american or hispanic.  when an inmate is released from prison without the skills to secure gainful employment, he or she will ultimately revert to old habits, i.- it would be misguided to discuss queer prison abolitionist movements without first thoroughly examining the place of the prison system in the neoliberal imperial project of enemy production (both inside and outside the boundaries of the state).- assessing the consequences of our country’s soaring imprison rates has less to do with the question of guilt versus innocence than it does with the question of who among us truly deserves to go to prison and face the restrictive and sometimes brutally repressive conditions found there. today, more and more private companies are being contracted to not only design and build, but also to operate new jails and prisons on both the state and federal level.- introduction antonio gramsci was founder of the italian communist party in the 1920’s whose seminal publication “the prison notebooks” has proven to be one of the most influential leftist texts of the 20th century. so vast the prison considers the body’s role specifically in the performance of processing information: “…as if sleep were a navigation… (djebar 25)” the body here plays the role of the intermediary between the senses that the body intakes and the conscious processing that occurs as a result: “…body both overpowered by sleep and sleep overpowering it…through half closed shutters (ibid).- introduction the proliferation of prison overcrowding has been a rising concern for the u. privatization - prison privatization began when american citizens expressed concerns over high crime rates in the eighties.  in other words prisons become social arenas in which inmates are free to exchange ideas about criminal activities. however, studies about prisoners mainly focus on the effects prison has on them and how it affects society. because of this need for reform, the federal government is stepping in to direct the state prison’s operating procedure. if found guilty, a defendant will be convicted and may receive a custodial sentence requiring imprisonment.

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- in the prison system most of the prisoners are labeled as either “mad” or bad”. for-profit prisons offer no real benefits and are bad investments for states. it is important to study this theme because it does not only lead to the conclusion of where violence prevalent in male or female prisons, but it focuses on other issues as well.- why has there been a massive growth of the prison industry in america since the 1970's. one other reform, often overlooked historically is the prison reform movement. in fact, the prisons are still filled to the seams.- a beautiful prison “beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. the american war on crime has created a rise in prison population measuring the largest in the world.- while in prison criminals become part of the gang or a member of the gang's victim pool. horatio was taken to andersonville which is located in south-west georgia where within the 14 months that the prison was open over 45,000 other people were taken as well. such an overhaul would readjust the focuses of prison to rehabilitation and incarceration of inmates instead of the current focuses of punishment and incarceration. masters writes custom research papers on women behind bars and discuss the different races of women in prison, but focus on the african american women.”(seabrook) a growing numbers of inmates and a large amount of them serving longer sentences for violent crimes suggest a notable increase in gangs and violence in the prison system in the upcoming future. although there are many security measures that can be put into place, it is hard to say whether it is the physical design of the prison or the skilled officer that makes the difference in safety and security.- recommended prison policy hello sir/madam in this report one will examine the importance of suggesting new recommendations for increasing the maximum prison sentence for offenders convicted of aggravated robbery, known as armed robbery. behind bars - a women behind bars research paper discusses the different races of women in prison, but focus on the african american women.

furthermore, private prisons beleaguer communities with high turnover rates that hurt local economies. in 2006 it was estimated that california’s prison system was at 200 percent of its capacity (“california”). tried as adults - a juveniles tried as adults paper questions the effectivity of putting youth in adult prison.- california has one of the most dysfunctional and problematic prison system in us.- california is suffering from a crisis in the prison system. unified judicial system - pa unified judicial system research papers look at the five levels of the judicial system in the state of pennsylvania. any parent would disapprove of a living situation that is similar to that, but all over the nation, prisoners are facing those exact problems. there are currently 33,000 active violent street, motorcycle, and prison gangs with a recorded 1.- gangs and violence in the prison system introduction gang violence is nationwide and is one of the most prominent problems in the prison system today. the book describes incidents that have happen in prison to inmates. at this time, prison was utilised to the extent that the queensland government adopted a strategy of “prison as a last resort”(cavadino & dignan 2006).- in the 1970s and 1980s, a massive amount of inmates began fillin up the united states prison systems.- when envisioning a prison, one often conceptualizes a grisly scene of hardened rapists and murderers wandering aimlessly down the darkened halls of alcatraz, as opposed to a pleasant facility catering to the needs of troubled souls. and parole - probation and parole term papers examine their role in the criminal justice system. the growth in prison population is largely due to tougher state and federal sentencing imposed since the mid-1980s. one will address issues of why our state legislature should consider changing the existing prison terms of those found guilty of armed robbery.